As luck would have it I am doing the above on two blogs this week.

First, Saloma Furlong is running a Q-and-A with me as well as a giveaway of my book Success Made Simple.  A snippet:

You have several overall messages in this book — I like the one that we do not need to become Amish to use their business principles. Do you think this is true in other aspects of life as well?

I think “Amish principles” for lack of a better term (those positive things outsiders admire about Amish) work–or rather, work to the degree that they do–to some extent by virtue of being in an Amish context.  In other words I think it helps to have a more-or-less uniform group having the same beliefs and same commitments to the group, and a unifying religious motivation…

You can enter to win a copy of my book and read the interview at Saloma’s blog.  The contest runs til this Friday Feb 10.

Karen Vogel also has a few Amish business questions for me at her Amish Crossings site:

 Can you share one of your favorite Amish small business stories?

One of the most inspiring for me personally is one harness maker who is partially paralyzed.  He moves around with extreme difficulty, sort of a shuffle around his shop.  He just has a small business, but one that has reached customers across the country.  His attitude is about the best you will find. There is such a warm gratitude there when he speaks—for his customers, for the opportunity God has given him—that it really makes you take a look at your own situation and realize your blessings.

Thanks to both Karen and Saloma for the chance to talk a little more about Amish entrepreneurs.


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