Peach pie and the latest from the Amish Cook

amish apple pieBusy Amish mom Lovina Eicher writes a weekly column from her home in a Michigan Amish community.  It’s carried in over 130 papers across the country.

This week she shares some thoughts on spring cleaning and how Amish and non-Amish kids get along.

Kevin Williams, Lovina’s editor, also runs an interesting blog-and-news site on the Amish.

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    1. That pie looks so delicious.
      Also, thanks for the link. I’ve bookmarked it.
      Happy Spring to you.

    2. Thanks Melissa, same to you.

      If I only knew how to bake, I would enjoy some as well.

      But I fear it’d come out of the oven a bit different than Lovina’s.

    3. Karen Pollard

      Unfortunately my local newspaper does not carry The Amish Cook. I wish they did.
      To my good fortune, my mother in law lives in an area of Missouri that does carry The Amish Cook. Bless her heart, she faithfully cuts out the columns and mails them to me.
      I love reading about Lovina and her family. It’s interesting to see the different activities as the seasons evolve one year after another.

    4. Al in Ky

      In the Aug. 18 edition of Mennonite World Review, there is an article that states Lovina Eicher “is now syndicating her column with MennoMedia under a new name, “Lovina’s Amish Kitchen” which began July 1. “She writes her weekly column with pen and paper to submit to MennoMedia. Staff then type the column and send it to papers via email. Staff also post each column on a website, and maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts on behalf of the columnist.”