Win a “Sarah’s Wedding” print from Bill Coleman Photography

We’ll be having some nice giveaways the next few weeks courtesy of Bill Coleman Photography, who have offered prints of some of their most attractive images.  The first is one that regular readers will recognize–“Sarah’s Wedding”, featured in the recent Amish wedding post.

Bill Coleman Sarahs Wedding Giveaway

This is an 11″ by 14″ matted print which you can see above or on the contest page at  Entering is simple–all it takes is an email address.  To enter, go here and follow the instructions. We’ll be announcing the winner next Monday.

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    1. Robert L Gschwind

      Sarah's Wedding print

      Really a beautiful picture. It would be an honor to have it on my wall.

    2. New York State of Mind

      I have a puzzle with one of Mr. Coleman’s photos on it. I have never put the puzzle together-I don’t have that patience, but I do like the picture that is on the cover.

    3. Juanita Cook

      Entered! This is a beautiful picture and I would really. really love to win it. So good luck to all of us who enters.

    4. Lovely print! Would be delighted to win it!

    5. BEAUTIFUL! I love those colors.

    6. Naomi Wilson

      Oh yes please!

      Bill Coleman might be the only one who can persuade me to give away my email and request promotional material. : )

    7. Galen



      Thanks for providing such beautiful pictures and the resource to obtain one (or three.)

      Have a nice Thanksgiving to you both, and to all of you out there in Amish America.



    8. Nancee

      "Sarah's Wedding"

      What a beautiful print! I love Bill Coleman’s photography of the Amish. He has such talent. I would be honored to own one of his photos. Thank you so much for featuring him on Amish America!

    9. Loretta

      Wedding Picture

      Erik, thank you so much for sponsoring this; I adore Bill Coleman’s pictures. I think he is the best that I have seen.

    10. Valerie

      Me too, me too!

      Okay, lots of luck to all entries, but I’m going to try too cuz I NEED that for my Amish wanna be guest room!

      Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

    11. Laura

      Beautiful picture. I would like to enter.

      1. Enter this contest at

        I’m glad everyone’s enjoying this contest…and just to reiterate what I wrote in the post, be sure to visit the link and enter at the site. In the past we’ve counted post comments as entries, but for these contests the only way to enter is how I’ve described above…wouldn’t want anyone to miss their chance 🙂

    12. Wedding Picture

      The picture is spectacular. Excellent photography. I would like to enter.

    13. Andrea

      Sarah's wedding

      Just beautiful, would be truly blessed to have a wonderful picture like this. 🙂

    14. Sarah Wedding Photo

      Beautiful. I love all your work Bill. I would LOVE to have this one. 🙂

    15. Rich

      Add my name for the Coleman drawing

      Thanks for pulling this together, Erik. Have an authentic Polish Thanks-giving. Rich

      1. All contest entries should be done at

        Howdy Rich, here’s the contest link you want to throw your hat into the pot:

        We’re running everything related to entering this contest through the Bill Coleman Photo site. As for Polish Thanksgiving, well turkey-stuffed pierogi here I come 🙂

    16. Kathy Rowe

      Beautiful picture as is all of Mr Coleman’s work. Would truly love to win it.
      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! If traveling, be safe.

    17. Marcus Yoder

      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

    18. Happy Turkey Day

      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I forgot to mention this will be the final post of the week though I’m sure I’ll be bouncing around the site through the weekend 🙂 Have a safe and warm holiday with family and lots of good food.

    19. Terri Clark

      Please enter me.

      I would be so excited to win a print of this beautiful picture. Thank you for a chance to be a winner.

    20. C. Oliver

      Photo Permission?

      I love the photographs on Bill’s website! I was wondering if or how he obtained permission to capture and sell the images of his amish subjects. It seems that many of the photographs are definitely posed, especially the ones involving children. Also, I was wondering how the pictures of the young men giving the finger or the young woman hiking up her skirt could be seen in any way other than offensive to the people depicted.

      Your thoughts?

      1. Well, yes those could be offensive, C. I’m not sure who they’re supposed to be most offensive to though. I assume you saw the “warning label” about that and explanation given on that page of the site. I do not know the story behind these particular photos, though it seems to me most are willing participants (though a number are kids behaving badly, doing things that would have gotten me in trouble at that age). Don’t know what to say about the skirt one.

        I asked a similar question about permissions & knowledge of the families depicted. The answer was provided in this interview posted here last year: To paraphrase, basically about a dozen families permitted Bill to take photos over time, though obviously not everyone in the community. Bill’s son Noah adds in that piece that the families seem to quite enjoy seeing the photos. Funny enough I once experienced something similar in this same community, in an instance unrelated to Bill’s photos.

        As you observe clearly many are posed and taken with what must have been full knowledge. I suppose both elements you bring up here throw a wrench into the way people might view “the Amish”. I wouldn’t call posing for photos typical though I’ve seen a decent share of it, just as people don’t always behave to the highest standards regardless what cloth they happen to wear.

        1. Charles Oliver

          Thank you

          Thank you for the info on how bill got permission to photograph these people. The article was very interesting.

        2. Ed

          I would think that if a group of young men are giving a photographer the finger and covering their faces, they’re making it pretty darn clear that they don’t want to be photographed.

          Likewise for the young lady, she isn’t hiking her skirt up to be provocative, she’s scratching an itch and had no idea she was being photographed from behind. Why sell the picture?

          That said, that’s two “questionable” photographs out of a whole lot of really nice ones. I think the best way to experience Amish culture is in person, but Bill Coleman’s photographs help capture the beauty and simplicity of the Amish and make me want to do some exploring of our country’s Amish communities myself.

          1. Ed, points well taken. I’d just comment on the “finger photos”–the times I’ve witnessed that gesture, the expression on a person’s face has usually been quite different.

            But in these photos most everyone seems to be laughing or smiling, as if it’s part of a joke. To speculate…my take when I saw those was that they were hamming it up for the camera. Maybe it was a “here comes Bill, let’s give him what he’s after” type of moment. If they were so averse to the camera, it seems the reaction would have been different (a lot fewer smiles, people looking away, angry expressions). Just my impression…I guess there’s a story behind every photo.

    21. Bonnie Traher

      Sarah's Wedding print

      Would love to win this beautiful print.

    22. Tom B

      Great Picture

      His work is so great I just finished looking at his site.

    23. Sarah's Wedding print

      Entered at Bill Coleman’s site!

    24. Kyle

      Class Project

      Erik, Sent you another email a few days ago with more questions. Thanks

    25. Klaas from The Netherlands

      I entered too though I am from abroad (Europe). I like his photographs.

    26. marie b

      sarah's wedding

      The print is very lovely, like all of his work. When we stay in Holmes county and the inn, there is usually a Bill Coleman puzzle to put together. Always a treat for the visitors. Good luck to all. Marie

    27. Lisa Zoschke

      Please enter me!

      Beautiful breath of fresh air.

    28. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      By the way, I never heard, who won the print?

      1. That was Allyson L, announced on this post:

    29. Sharrie

      Sarah's Wedding

      I’d love to win this beautiful painting. Thank you for the opportunity!