Where Amish Scooters Come From


‘Sylvan’, one of my Amish friends in Lancaster County, runs a scooter workshop in addition to milking cows.

In Lancaster County and related settlements, you rarely see bicycles–in Lancaster, for instance, there are only a few church districts I’m aware of that seem to allow them.


I’ve also seen scooters in use among the Amish of Allen County, Indiana, and I’d imagine they’d be found in other areas that adhere to a somewhat stricter Ordnung.


Sylvan says that his pink line has never really taken off.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pink one on the road.  Green, red, and blue are the most popular colors.

Midwestern Amish in contrast to their Lancaster counterparts tend to be a lot more open to using bikes–the Amish around Arthur, Illinois and those in Lagrange/Elkhart counties come to mind right away.  The men there often use them to ride to jobs in the local garage door and RV plants.

I’m also acquainted with an Amishman in northern Indiana who manufactures the recumbent bike–the one that looks like a cross between a bicycle and a recliner.  This particular ride is a hit in a number of the more progressive settlements.  Sort of a luxury comfort ride on the spectrum of two-wheeled non-motorized transport.

Buy an Amish-made Scooter

If you’re looking to get an Amish-made scooter for yourself, or as a gift for a child or adult friend, you don’t have to go all the way to Lancaster County.

Lancaster-style Amish-made scooters are available online.

They’re made by the well-known Amish business Groffdale Machine, for sale via Amazon.

Here you can check out the Amish-made child’s scooter (16″ wheel model), and the larger 24″ wheel adult scooter.

These are advertised as the same type that Amish use in Lancaster County.

The adult models come in dark green, maroon, navy blue, and black, while the children’s scooters come in a wider array of colors including the aforementioned pink, as well as plum and hunter green.

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    1. I’m pretty sure I’ve ridden past that Amish recumbent manufacturer in northern Indiana — in the Middlebury area, I think — and at least once have shared the road with Amish recumbent riders there. I wish I could remember exactly where it was.

    2. Hi John, that might be a different one, this fellow I am speaking of is on the southwest side of the settlement, past Millersburg.

    3. I never would have thought of them making scooters! Interesting!

    4. Well, Millersburg isn’t that from from Middlebury, even by bicycle. I had thought it was further north, but that could be the one. I’ve been through the area around Millersburg a few times, though not nearly as often as I’ve ridden between Middlebury and Goshen. I’ve only seen that shop one time — seemed like it was in an area that’s almost residential, with quite a few houses along the road.

      And it was on the west side of a north-south road. That much I do remember for sure. The rest is kinda hazy.

    5. Well, Millersburg isn’t that from from Middlebury, even by bicycle. I had thought it was further north, but that could be the one. I’ve been through the area around Millersburg a few times, though not nearly as often as I’ve ridden between Middlebury and Goshen. I’ve only seen that shop one time — seemed like it was in an area that’s almost residential, with quite a few houses along the road.

      And it was on the west side of a north-south road. That much I do remember for sure. The rest is kinda hazy.

    6. Yeah that sounds like a different one, this one is in a wooded area on the north side of an east-west. There are probably a couple out there.

      I saw a fellow here in Krakow yesterday ride by on an ‘extremely recumbent’ recumbent–he was basically lying down in a horizontal position. The way it looked, it didn’t seem that comfortable…have you ridden those before John?

      1. ralph becker

        products How does one find manufacters

        Im looking for anything toys bikes games etc the amish make or manufacture. Thy seem to hide them selves . how do I get contacts?
        WE sell all American made products.

    7. raminthethicket

      Do you have any information about ordering a scooter like this? I am in Vermont and would like one for my daughter. Do you have an address for this business?

    8. Hi raminthethicket, send me an email (click ‘Email me’ in upper left hand corner), I need to check but I might be able to find a contact.

    9. claudia

      hello there
      do you have an address for the scooter manufacturer. i was recently in pa and found different ranges in prices. i much rather deal with the manufacturer.
      thank you

    10. Jeremy

      Hi, i would also love to buy a scooter from the manufacturer. Anyone know the address? Thanks

    11. Where to buy Amish scooters--contact info

      Hi everyone interested in scooters, here are two contacts:

      Abram P. Stoltzfus
      717 442 8328

      Abram lives in the Lancaster settlement.

      Also in Lancaster:

      Groffdale Machine Co
      717 656 7657

      both advertise in the Lancaster County Business directory; unfortunately I cannot give you an idea on pricing, but give them a ring and I’m sure they’d be glad to.

      There are no doubt other scooter manufacturers as well. Scooters are much more common in certain settlements, with Lancaster being the largest community where you’ll see them.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Jay & Angel Connley

        Super light Aluminum Scooters.

        Just bought two great scooters at Groffdale Mahine Company in Leola, PA. They are great.. I can pick them up so easy.. They are sturday and a large size 24 inch front tire for easy scooting.. They are really fast..

        Groffdale Machine Co
        717 656 7657

    12. Timothy

      I sell Amish scooters and I have excellent prices. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Thank you.

      1. shea williams

        amish scooter

        I would like to buy one for my 6 year old grandson. Can you send you address/phone number please.


        Hello Please send me info. on your Amish made scooters. We sell American made products and want to add some Amish products clocks toys games puzzles and other items. We buy wholesale for retail.

      3. Timothy do you make these scooters yourself?

      4. Thomas M. Bunch

        LA Scooter

        Where are the LA Scooters made, and what is the price for the 26/20 aluminum model?


        Eastlake, Ohio

      5. Al Zupan

        I understand that you sell the adult scooters. Are these made by the Amish in Lancaster? What are the prices and colors for large scooters? What is delivered price to Holmes county in Ohio (Wilmot)?

      6. Wyvonne Hobbs

        I want to buy an Amish Scooter

        Please send the info. TYIA

    13. J. Christie

      How do I send Timothy an e-mail?

    14. Pingback: 5 ways Amish get from point A to point B without a car (or buggy)
    15. Wendy


      Why would someone ride a scooter when bikes are available? Why is this a popular mode of transport for the Amish? A bike will get you there much faster with far less effort. Please explain.

      1. Why do Amish use scooters instead of bikes?

        Good question Wendy, briefly answered here: https://amishamerica.com/do-amish-ride-bicycles/

        You hear different answers to this question.

        My favored response is that bikes are seen as worldly, and unlike the case with other technologies, there hasn’t been a compelling reason (ie economic) to change the tradition of using scooters.

        Scooters are popular in some Amish communities but bikes are also used in many communities. Lancaster County is the best known community where scooters are predominantly used.

        1. ERIK, how could I get names to contact AMISH craftsmen In IN., IL.,AMD WI. ?

      2. Don Curtis

        scooters versus bikes

        I asked my son, Mark, why some Amish communities don’t allow bikes but do allow scooteres. Mark said that it has to do with limiting the distance that a person can comfortably go. It is difficult to take a scooter for ten or fiften miles into the nearest big town. However, with a bike you can hop on and peddle that distance in a half hour or so. Youth from Mark’s community have biked down to Kentucky and clear up to New York. Some have expensive road bikes and can really travel. For some Amish, they fear this easy availabiity to travel and the scooters are a way to control the young folks and make it more difficult for them to be lured away by the temptations of the nearby towns.

        1. Amish on bikes vs. scooters

          A couple of 20-something Amish friends did a 2000-mile bike ride last summer, out to the West Coast from Ohio. I can’t imagine a 20-mile scooter ride, much less a 2000-mile one.

          I’ve also discussed this with a friend in Lancaster County, which everyone knows is world capital of the Amish scooter.

          One possible reason that this hasn’t changed too much, is that there really hasn’t been a pressing need to address it. Lancaster Amish were among the first to adopt certain occupation-related technologies like bulk milk tanks. Whether you ride a scooter or a bicycle is not nearly as consequential and has little economic impact compared to some of the farm and milking technology that was allowed early in this community (and as a result dairy is still viable and being done by Amish, while in other places like Swiss settlements in Indiana, or among the Nebraska Amish in Big Valley, not so much).

          That noted, I have noticed bicycles in Amish hands in Lancaster County, and not just ridden by Amish youth or children.

    16. dolores

      tricycle with big wheels where can I get one

      I am interested in a tricycle with big wheels, where can I get one?
      I liked it very much.

    17. Lissa Holder

      I love to ride mine it actually is a lot of fun!

    18. Lissa

      Hi Erik! I have a scooter that came from PA. I have had it for about 3 yrs. I used to ride bikes, all kinds . Even road bikes. I have trouble with my eyes now so I bought a scooter. I love it! And I must say it is the most fun. You can really get going on them. I do get a lot of looks though. I live in California and I am a Member of the Old German Baptist Church. When one leg gets tired I just switch legs. It’s easy and like I said, a lot of fun! Oh, and mine is green, my favorite color (0:

      1. While driving around Holmes County with an older Amish friend today we noticed a young lady scootering down the road. He commented that it was relatively rare to see, not like Lancaster County. She did not have a typical Lancaster scooter like in these photos though, but one of the small wheeled kind. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen the Lancaster kind here. Keep scootering CA Lissa!

        1. Andi


          I live in Wayne County, OH and have never seen the Amish around here or Holmes County on a scooter. Bikes, yes,but never a scooter. I love the looks of the Lancaster on posted!

          1. I’ve never seen these Lancaster-style scooters either, Andy, but possibly the small-wheeled silver ones kids use. I guess those are technically scooters too.

            1. lewis

              4 wheeled bycicles, quadracycles, etc

              Hello Erik i am interested to purchase 4 wheeled bycicles 1 or 2, or 4 passenger. heard some are made near arthur. can you send me names, numbers to any that manufature them? i am in Florida. 352-598-1807

              1. You might try Schlabach’s Bike Shop in the Arthur area. I’ve never been there, but it has an Amish name, and they would probably be able to let you know if and who makes what you’re looking for in the area.

                Schlabach’s Bike Shop, LLC
                3 Google reviews
                Bicycle store in Arthur, Illinois
                Address: 1061 E Columbia St, Arthur, IL 61911
                Closes soon: 12PM ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

                Phone: (217) 543-3175

      2. Brenda

        I love mine!

        My husband and I were in PA about 7 years ago and
        Bought two scooters and brought them to Texas. We love
        Them and always get great comments and questions
        About them.

    19. Jay & Angel Connley

      Scootin to the Philly Art Museum

      This past Saturday my husband and I scooted on our new scooters along the Schuykill River Trail down to the Philadelphia Art Museum. We spent a total of 3 hours on the scooters.. had a great time. They provided great excercize and ease of use.
      Grofffdale Machine Shop in Leola has the aluminum ones. They are really great.. espcially because they are so light to transport.
      Blessings to all.


        LA Scooter

        The Amish store in Middlefield, OH says the
        aluminum scooters are made in Lancaster, PA.
        He has seen the 26/20 model I saw on the web identified as the LA Scooter.

        So the mystery is solved.


    20. Bob Dymond

      Love My Yodercycle

      I’ve been a dedicated kickscooterist for nearly ten years. I average 3000-5000 mi. yearly. Owned and ridden several makes of Finnish, Dutch and Czech footbikes. I have several of these actually break in half while underway. I purchased an Amish scooter in Middlefield OH last Summer. It rolls great and is beautifully made. Although a bit of a heavyweight, the steel model is very easy to keep going. After over 600 mi. the powdercoat finish shows no sign of wear on the footplate. I had to replace the stock handlebars with a conventional MTB setup, which made a huge improvement in handling and efficiency. The Amish scooters are definitely the real deal, that you cannot grow out of.

      1. Steve

        Where in Ohio did you purchase from

        Can you tell me what shop you purchased from? I want to buy one of the Amish scooters. I live on the west coast and the only place I found that sells them is in Pennsylvania. To save on shipping it would make sense to buy from a place that’s a little closer. Also, do you know if the stock handlebars (riser) that come with the stock models are height adjustable?

    21. Tom Bunch

      LA Scooter

      I ended up getting my Amish scooter from CottageCraftWorks.com in Texas. It weighs around 16 pounds. I bought the 26/20 model. It is very fast and rides very smooth. They powder coated it for me “Signal Red”.

    22. Janet LaBrie

      why don't they have a seat?

      They need a seat, I think.