What’s your favorite Amish book?

favorite amish book

Commenting on a post last week, Donna Godfrey recommended reading books by Donald Kraybill.  I’d second that.  The Riddle of Amish Culture was one of the first I read and I think essential to understanding the Amish.

The very first book I read on the Amish was Amish Society by John Hostetler, another good one, first published in 1963 and going through a number of editions.  In recent years there have been a lot of interesting new books as well.

Many have focused on specific communities, or particular aspects of Amish life.  Titles that come to mind include An Amish Paradox, Train Up a Child, and Growing Up Amish: The Teenage Years.

Each of these has complemented experiences I’ve had in Amish society and helped add to my understanding of Amish life.  There are many others, most by non-Amish but a few written by Amish as well.

How about you–which book on the Amish have you most enjoyed–or learned the most from?

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    1. Fran Handrick

      Since i’m working on my Ph.D on Changes in the Lives of Amish women, I’ve read all of the non-fiction books mentioned and a few more. If I had to pick one, then I really enjoyed and learned a lot from Richard Stevick’s book, Growing Up Amish. I’ve ready it twice. Earlier tonight, I just got back from almost 3 weeks fieldwork in Holmes County and am now planning a second trip to Pennsylvania and Ohio next June, and then probably another trip to Ohio and maybe Indiana in September next year. It’s all so interesting.

      1. Fran great to hear it is going well, and looking forward to seeing your work.

      2. Growing up Amish

        I agree, this is the best book I have read in a long time.

    2. Patty Tolliver

      What's your favorite Amish Book?

      I just finished a trilogy by Tricia Goyer that was absolutely amazing. Not my first. I have at least 50 to 60 Amish fiction books by Tricia Goyer, Amy Clipston, Shelly Shepherd Gray, Beverly Lewis, Wanda E. Brunstetter, Kathleen Fuller, Barbara Cameron to name a few. I also have the History of the Amish by Stephen Nolt and book by Suzanne Fisher Woods that talks about the simpleness of Amish life and how we can incorporate that into our lives. I have learned so much through these books and have a deeper understanding, appreciation and respect for their faith and their lifestyle. I looke forward to learning more.

    3. Linda

      When I was younger, I enjoyed Lois Lenski’s SHOO-FLY GIRL, published in 1963, and MATTIE MAE by Edna Beiler, 1967.

    4. Erin

      My Dad is a book collector and he recently gave me Shoo-Fly Girl. What a great read! I loved the simple pencil drawings in each chapter as well.