Welcome to the new home of the Amish America blog.  Thanks for coming by!

We’ll need to put up a bit more paint here and there and probably rearrange the place a little over the next couple of days, but this will be home from now on.

The old blog at amishamerica.typepad.com will still be around, but that will gradually phase out as well, and all new posts will appear only here from now on, at the easier-to-remember amishamerica.com address.

As it was a complete and total move, all old posts are accessible here. If you have an old category of posts you’d like to check out, say “Illinois Amish“, you can find that by using the search box at the top of the page.

There are a few other features still to come. For now we’ve got the “most commented posts” links up in the sidebar, and you’ll also notice that at the bottom of each post, you’ll find a “related posts” feature with similar posts that you may find interesting.

Still have a bit of work to do with spiffing the place up, but thanks for your patience and I hope you’ll enjoy the new location just as much or more.

And, as always, thanks for reading, and I appreciate any and all feedback!


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