A few odds and ends to round out the week:

Amish media watch Two Amish media stories have been on the radar–one is the Living with the Amish program that has been airing lately.  Has anyone seen it?  I haven’t;  I’ve heard from people who were involved in it, but that’s the extent of it.

It’s an English-meets-Amish scenario filmed in Amish communities in PA and OH.  The twist is that the English youth are really that–English (as in hailing from England).

Second, I just saw news of another Amish-themed movie on the horizon.  Lifetime network (producer of the Amish Grace movie) will apparently be filming the Amish murder mystery Sworn to Silence.  When I saw “Ohio”, “Amish”, and “murder” in the same sentence, I immediately thought of the recent real-life murder in that community.  And I hoped it didn’t have to do with that.

Well, this one is based on a fiction novel. As Valerie Weaver-Zercher shared here recently, Amish fiction writing has branched out into a range of sub-genres. Can’t say I’m a big fan of murder mysteries, but I guess it shows that media interest in the Amish isn’t slowing down.

Site Speed You might notice this site is (hopefully) a bit zippier lately. The past week I’ve been making some improvements to help pages load faster. I like posting photos, but the downside is that it can slow loading down. I’ll be working on a few more elements to help speed things up.

Amish Workshops holiday sale ending If you’d like to take advantage of Amish Workshops’ 15% holiday discount, you have til Dec 12 to do so. Just enter sale code AAHOLIDAY (if you missed it, Keith and Laura added this nice discount for Amish America readers shortly after the interview was posted).  Great chance to pick up some nice Amish-made gifts while avoiding the crowds.

Photo of the day Recumbent bicycles are a popular way of getting around for Amish in some communities.  Here’s one parked and ready to roll, outside a bank in Shipshewana, Indiana:

amish recumbent bike

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