Visiting Plain Mennonites (Video)

In this video I show you more of my visit to the horse-and-buggy Mennonite community in Buffalo Valley (Union County, PA). You’ve already seen the posts on the Mennonite bakery and market – they appear here too as well.

Additional things you’ll see in this video are a visit with to an old cemetery in Buffalo Valley where 19th-century Amish settlers are buried, some snowy views of the Mennonite community, as well as more photos from the market and bakery in Snyder County. My friend Ben and his son make an appearance too. Runtime: 4:40.

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    1. Jerry

      Old Order Mennonites in Union/Snyder Counties

      The Snyder County (Stauffer) Mennonites are often called “the Snyders” and are more conservative than the Reiff Mennonites. If you notice the buggy/market wagon Eric posted is made from a dianomd pattern metal alloy. You will not find that in the Snyders. The dress codes are slightly different as well. Both groups have “meeting houses” to hold church services rather than gathering at members homes. The meeting houses (churches) could be 80 years old or just built last year. Some have adjacent cemeteries and school buildings while others do not.

      There is a Nebraska Amish settlement with two church districts just down the road and over the hill from the Buffalo Valley in Winfield, Pa. A few miles west of Mifflinburg on Route 45 heading toward Center County you will encounter communities with both Nebraska (white toppers) and Amish of Lancaster origin.

      1. I wish I realized we were that close to the Nebraska group at Winfield. This is one you’ve shared with us here before.