This week’s home features a lot of low-angle shots that you don’t usually see in these Amish home listings, as well as some other interesting marketing elements. Those include the most frequent use of the word “Amish” in the property description that I’ve ever seen. The Amish seller is also offering $10,000 for modifications of the home presumably to “Englishize” it.

The four-bedroom and two-bathroom home is in Jackson County, Ohio. This happens to be the same community (Oak Hill) as that of last week’s home, a settlement which I visited in December. So we see at least a couple of families there are moving out.

Here’s the listing description with no secret being made of what kind of home this is. Welcome to “Amish paradise”:

Live in Amish paradise with this brand new immaculate 2232 Sq Ft, 4 bed, 2 bath, custom Amish-built home. This 50-acre farm features only the finest Amish craftsmanship throughout, with even handcrafted Amish windows. Conveniently house all of your farm equipment and/or animals in this giant Amish-built 48×72 garage. Rise peacefully in the morning with the smell of clean, crisp, air with your cup of freshly-brewed coffee. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise on your huge covered patio overlooking the yonder. Through the day ride your horse to tend to your animals on the 45-acre fenced pasture, and by night nestle up warm and cozy next to your woodburning stove with your favorite book and cup of soothing tea. Just when you thought this couldn’t get any better, the seller is gifting up to $10,000 toward closing costs or custom home modifications.

That description does paint some enticing pictures. Potential buyers of Amish homes no doubt have some things in common with the Amish – including an appreciation of animals, simplicity and space.

This Oak Hill community, by the way, is not large but also not the smallest – four church districts, around 600 or so residents. But still that doesn’t mean there’s enough of an Amish market to easily sell a home internally, so to speak. Listing it online for an English buyer of course also helps maximize the price you might get, even if it’s also presumably available to Amish buyers.

Let’s jump into the home and you’ll see some of these low-angle shots I was talking about.

The angles make the photos a bit more let’s say dramatic or striking, though that also means they don’t have quite the standard feel of an Amish home that I’ve gotten accustomed to.

As seen last week, the home interiors in this community are a bit on the more fancy or progressive side as well. Some of the furnishings don’t have so much an “Amish” feel as they do that of a more modern American home. For example, check out the countertops and faucet fixtures here.

At the same time, there are still plenty of Amish-style elements that you would find in many an Amish home. For instance, plenty of hooks.

Rustic bed followed by child’s playroom.

That is a pretty imposing safe by the bed. And conventional bow handy.

Another look at that living room and cozy glow of the stove.

A few more views.

Outside again the buildings have a very neat and utilitarian feel. Not a lot of design elements on the exterior. You can see by the grass and ground the place does look very newly-built. I wonder what led this family to want to sell so soon after building.

So what is the asking price? Remember with this home you’re also getting a nice parcel of land – 50 acres’ worth.

This property is on the market now for $490,000. The listing agent is Justin Pizzulli of Real Estate Gallery, Inc.

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