Just a quick reminder–we have a book contest going on where you can win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

All you have to do is read my book and post a review on Amazon.  Then email me that you did so.  The winner will be drawn from all reviews posted by this Friday, April 9th at midnight.  There are 3 4 reviews up so far!

And the other contest–I am trying to win the privilege of having my “Amish vs. Toyota manifesto” published on the Change This site.

If it wins, I’m going to write about how taking a humble approach in business helps the Amish.

If you haven’t voted yet and want to, you can do that here (contest now over, thanks for helping out!).   As I write this I am winning with 112 votes (my nearest competitor has 96) but who knows what can happen in the last minute (sports fans see Duke-Butler basketball yesterday).  The Change This contest ends tomorrow, April 7th.  A big thanks!


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