Tuesday Amish links

A few links of interest from around the ole interweb:

Christina Davidson of the Atlantic comments on consumerism, recession, and Amish life while dropping in on the Dover, Delaware Amish.  She also describes a good example of how change happens in Amish communities.

48 Days to the Work You Love author Dan Miller makes an interesting observation on hay bales and Amish innovation on a trip to Holmes County, Ohio.

And, for any Italiophiles out there, my friend Andrea Borella has a book out, “Gli Amish”, the first book on the Amish in Italian.

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    1. Those were great articles – I always like looking into how others deal with things like the rest of us, and I have to say the comments on that one article certainly kept me occupied for quite some time! Wow. I always like the comments that just say things like, ‘You people need to get a life!’ – yeah, like they don’t. That’s just too funny to me. Have a great day ~

    2. I agree Beth–sometimes it’s hard not to fall into the ‘comment trap’ on blogs, and start reading people’s back and forth battles and insults.

      Seems too frequently you run across a lot of negative stuff–things people would never have the courage to say in a face to face situation, but which they have no trouble writing in comments or emails. Another example of the impersonal manner in which people communicate nowadays, I suppose–and I guess you do just have to laugh at it!

    3. Just changed it for you Sara, thanks for letting me know.

    4. Sara

      Thank you Mr. Wesner for mentioning my blog post on your website, about Mr. Borella’s book “Gli Amish”.
      Recently I’ve changed the post URL, so if you want, pease re-address your link as follows: http://handquiltingstitches.blogspot.com/2009/09/gli-amish-italian-book-about-plain_29.html
      Best regards,
      Sara in Italy