Top 5 Carriage Captions

Strasburg Amish Youth Carriage RiderAs promised, I wanted to get in some recognition for the great captions sent in on yesterday’s buggy photo. You had me chuckling through the day as I checked the comments for new entries.

So I though it would be fun to do a little vote. After much deliberation I whittled the top five captions down to these:

[poll id=”5″]

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    1. Alice Mary

      Way to go, "Amishly"

      Joan, you got my vote!

      Erik, I thought I’d ask—I doubt this very much, but do Amish have “cartoons” in any of their publications? These captions were a hoot…I’ll bet even the Amish would have a chuckle (of course, I imagine photos wouldn’t be appropriate, but would hand-drawn comics be an option?)

      This ought to be a regular “feature” of this blog…hint, hint, Erik!

      Alice Mary

      1. Carolyn B

        Alice Mary is Right

        Yes, Erik, I second Alice Mary’s suggestion for more similar posts. Everybody is really having a good time.
        Good idea you had in the first place to start this.

      2. Hi Alice Mary, sorry I’m just getting back to older comments, been a pretty wild week or so with jet lag residue and then plumbing issues:)

        There is artwork featured regularly in Amish publications like Family Life and The Connection (and the Connection does have some not quite cartoon-like sketches as the headpieces for some of their columns) but I am not aware of an Amish publication running cartoons. However, I have an annoying feeling I am overlooking something. In any case the funnies pages of the regular newspaper are popular reads in some Amish homes.

        And: I will have my eyes open for other photos that might make this a regular feature. I think I’d enjoy that too.

    2. Michigan Mary


      I came into this too late… and wouldn’t know how to word it… but back “in the day”, kids would hop up on the back of city buses and catch a free ride…. 🙂

    3. Richard from Amish Stories

      Wish i were here for this one, but heres my caption anyway

      My caption would have been “lets go faster around the next turn and throw these hijackers off our buggy”. Richard

    4. Carriage Passenger

      Well Erik, this was not an easy choice – I can see why you were chuckling all day. All of the suggestions were funny. Joan, you got my vote.

    5. Marilyn from NY

      Top 5 Carriage Captions

      Now I know why mine didn’t wind-these are a lot funnier than mine. Congratulations to the winners. You have great senses of humor.

    6. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Shake babies and kiss hands, err, wait…

      I’m honored that one of my lines fell into Erik’s Top Five finalist list.
      VOTE SHOM :p

      [yay for everyone being very funny]

      1. Shom you actually had quite a few good ones to choose from and get special mention for highest number of entries.

    7. Margaret

      I loved everyone’s better than mine — and Richard’s is great, too!
      It would be fun to do this again, Erik!

      1. I agree it would Margaret. I’ll need to check the photo files for potential shots. Or if people have photos they’d like to send in that might work too. And yes Richard did well with the buggy-jacking entry, I wonder if that’s ever happened before.

    8. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Hi Erik, I am going to hijack this thread momentarily and ask you something about our common-boarder food ancestry [Poland and the Ukraine], do you know of any Can-Am food companies that make supermarket frozen food section perogies. I’m craving some but I want it simple, kielbasa is easy to get, but I’ve never bought perogies from the local grocery chains. Any input would help. I’m hungry for some comfort food.

      1. Hi Shom, the only thing that comes to mind in the frozen pierogi department is Mrs. T’s. To be honest I get so much of them when I’m visiting Poland I avoid them like the plague when I’m in the US!

    9. Eli

      I can’t believe there wasn’t a Back to the Future reference in here.

      Here’s mine just on principle:

      “Amos always enjoyed humming Huey Lewis’ “Power of Love” on the way to school.”

    10. Eli


      “Amos secretly enjoyed humming Huey Lewis’ “Power of Love” on the way to work.”

    11. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Movies and Food

      Eli: I was going to buy the BTTF box set. I think its one of the few movies from when I was a kid that I would watch as a grown up. I got “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” on DVD (it’s a little like “Shrek” but with real people, for those younger readers who are like “Who Framed what now?”).

      On the perogie sidebar, I went with a frozen box produced by a Canadian company called “Cheemo”, oh gosh I hope it’s good, my next quest is buying me some kielbasa.

    12. It looks like Joan is our projected winner. For Rebecca’s sake, I hope Dad gets the message 😉

      1. Joan

        Thank you, Erik, and thanks to everyone who voted for me. Now, not to belabor the point…is there a prize? I’d LOVE to have a copy of your book, Erik!??

        1. Hey I can’t blame you for trying Joan…Maybe we’ll have a prize incentive but for now I hope you’ll be ok with the satisfaction award 🙂

          1. Joan

            Not a problem, Erik. Ya can’t blame a girl for trying. 🙂

    13. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I concede!

      Hey, I am reasonably sure I saw a woman trying to be plain today. She might have been a Quaker. She was wearing a white dress outfit with red on the sleeves it was this coupled with the white head covering that stood out, people do wear bandanas around here, but not like that, and I am pretty sure she was not Islamic, if she were she’s be a lot more veiled, I am pretty sure it was a Christian modest person.

    14. Michigan Mary

      Off Topic ... Pierogi

      Here’s my take on the “little pillows of heaven”, as my bush a used to call them…. When buying P in a commercial store setting, the devil is in the details. Read the fine print. If they are made by a large corporation (think Kraft Foods) or in a place not known for a large Polish/Ukraine population, or contain an abundance of preservatives, take a pass. The name on the package means nothing… You have to look for hints in the small print.

      1. Michigan Mary

        Correction to above

        Make that, ” busha”, not bush a!

    15. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      In my family the grandmother on the perogie eating side was Granny, and the grandmother with ancestors who liked Haggis was grandma. I get it though with the cute nicknames for grandmothers and grandfathers. My aunt has a funny nickname from her grandkid, but I forget what it is.