Through the fog to auction

Amish buggy fog to auction
An early morning buggy ride to auction.  New Wilmington, PA.  Courtesy of Rick Harrison.

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  1. That is a real foggy ride. Lovely picture.

  2. deb r.

    I love those foggy Pennsylvania mornings. Great picture, captures it perfectly.

  3. Rick

    Thanks for sharing, Emele. I always like to see the different buggy styles from different communities. I saw some of those larger ‘touring buggies’ in Holmes Co a few months ago.

  4. Emele

    Speaking of auctions, I have a couple of photos of an Amish quilt auction (Clare County/Yoder’s Amish Auction) on my Flickr here:

    This is in Clare, Michigan. Clare just a little north from around the mid point of the state, around 2/3 all the way up north before you’d hit the upper peninsula. Thought I’d share them here!

  5. amish auctions

    hi i am from ks however can i find an Amish auction,,, local?