This is a bit of a follow-up to the post on the Amish and credit/mortgages of a couple weeks ago.  NPR ran a story on the subject earlier today on Morning Edition, and you can read a summary and listen to it here: A Mortgage Banker in Amish Country.

One thing that struck me was the description of young Amish teens getting their first buggies on reaching age 16.  This is an important time, as it is with non-Amish youngsters.

I immediately thought of my friend Daniel’s son Tim, who is anxiously awaiting his 16th birthday next month.  Tim is pumped.  The buggy has already been picked out and sits now in the garage at Daniel’s farm.  Last time I was around, Tim, with obvious pleasure, showed me the works, the ins-and-outs of his mean machine.

Nice interior, and all set up with the standard amenities.  It’s a closed-top buggy–some of the more conservative-minded Amish in Lancaster stick with open buggies for the youth–for instance, my friend Abe’s family–but not in this case.  No telling yet if Tim will be decorating his exterior like this:

Lancaster Rumspringa Amish buggies

but I guess I’ll find out in February, which will be my next stop in Lancaster.

Also:  switched up the format of the blog last week.  I decided that if even the Amish can change, well gosh darn it this blog can too.  I think the new layout and snazzy expanded triple-column format makes for easier reading of posts.  Hopefully you do too.  Thanks to everyone for reading and keeping up with these ramblings and relations from Amish America.

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