Wild years

156161_2830_3 An Amish teen is just that–a teen, in many ways like any other.

Here is a Toledo Blade report on youthful indiscretion in an Ohio Amish community.

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    1. In Holmes County, some of the kids buy cars. They sell them when they join the church, but they have a lot of fun for a couple of years. It’s funny to look in a car window and see the blue shirt, suspenders, bowl haircut and hat behind the wheel of a Firebird.

    2. Yeah that is odd! It took me a while to figure out why so many Amish homes in Holmes have cars parked around back or on the side…some of them must belong to English employees’, but some of them are the adolescent-age kids’ as well.

      Some parents and especially those with a small business find this available transportation useful–but I guess some get criticized for taking advantage of it as well.