The Amish & Wealth (Video)

Some might assume that the Amish are not especially wealthy based on their lifestyle, which can seem austere by modern American standards. However, while there certainly are some Amish that live – at least technically – below the poverty line, many are also quite prosperous financially.

Most Amish people like other Americans could probably be considered “middle class”. But there are also a good number of wealthy Amish people.

In this video I take a look at the Amish and wealth, sharing two fairly common cases where you might find Amish millionaires and even multi-millionaires. I also explain what wealthy Amish people do with their money in terms of investments and so forth. Runtime: 4:55


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    1. Lydia Good

      Amish and wealth

      I think the main difference between Amish and non Amish as far as wealth is concerned, is the Amish don’t seem to have class issues. The wealthy Amish associate with the very poorest of their brethren on the same level. It may be that the wealthiest Amish carry more clout than the poorest ones when decisions have to be made about issues in the community or church.

      They may not be millionaires, but in Lancaster County, you can tell which Amish are not lacking in money, when you see some of their houses. They in no way resemble the Amish houses that I was familiar with in my childhood.

      I was raised Amish, my husband likes to tell friends that the only reason he married me was because everyone knows the Amish are all rich and the women are all good cooks. Didn’t quite work out the way he planned, his father-in-law was not rich and his bride couldn’t cook. LOL

      1. David Hill

        wealth and class

        We lived in the middle of a large old order Amish settlement in Missouri back in the 80s. There was one older Amish gentleman who was considered to be wealthy and an investor. I would speak with him on occasion and he always knew what was going on in the Stock market. One of the bishops used to call him the money man.

    2. Amish medical "insurance"

      I once heard an Amish man in Michigan tell a little about Amish medical “insurance.” They have their own system, as Eric said. This guy told me about an Amish person whose hospital bill ran to more than $1 million. He said the community raised it in cash and paid the hospital and doctors “right away.”

    3. J.O.B.

      I see young Amish drive brand new jeeps and trucks.

      Even saw a young Amish drive an $80,000 work truck to build sheds in the Lancaster/Montgomery Counties.

      Some rent/own beach houses and cabins that are very expensive.

      There are some Amish becoming millionaires well before age 30/35.

      They also have been transferring houses/property to their kids for only $1. Smart move to help pass the land/wealth down to the next generation.

      The money does change a few of them. Some do have a subtle ‘I’m better attitude.’ Subtle. But it’s there.

    4. Matthew 19:24

      Wonder if they ever discuss the meaning of Matthew 19:24.

    5. Romain S.



      Check your emails dated March 30 and 31, I sent you messages.

      At home in Alsace (France) it was already the same case, there were some Amish families who were very successful in agriculture and business. Some of them were known to lend money even to non-Amish people before the banks appeared in the country.
      And in the internal organization of the community it was very often the wealthier ones who occupied the “good” places in the hierarchy.