The Amish In Idaho

Since 2012 there has been a small community of Amish people in eastern Idaho, not far from the town of Salmon (Lemhi County). This video report takes us to an Amish-owned market owned by the Paul Miller family. Locals seem pleased to have the Amish in town:

The bulk of the above video is on the Miller family’s Country Market and the produce, cheese, and other products it offers. Paul does answer when asked why they chose to settle in Salmon: “Conservative, laid-back, community-minded people…oh yeah we love the mountains.”

Amish this far west are rare. As noted here, the only community further west is found at Rexford, Montana. Amish previously lived in Idaho on one other occasion, in the early 2000s at Bonners Ferry.

Idaho Amish in 2023

As of 2023, the Amish population in Idaho is an estimated 100 people. They have remained at a single church district in size. Amish settlement this far west continues to be rare, and communities have historically been short-lived. However, the community in Lemhi County at over 10 years old has established itself as one of a handful of Amish settlements in the region and appears to be going strong.

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    1. Al in Ky

      Interesting article and video. I have some questions. Does anyone know where the Idaho Amish lived before moving there? I’m wondering if at least some of them were from the St. Ignatius, Mont. settlement. Is this a New Order Amish group? Also, does anyone know anything about the group at Grangeville, Idaho? I read news from that community in The Budget. It seems like at least some of the Grangeville group moved there from St. Ignatius, Mont., and I think they may no longer be Amish since it seems like they drive cars.

      1. David Busta

        Pennsylvania and Ohio

    2. Amy Laura

      Loved it!

      It was really nice to see such a positive story about the Amish in the general media. Seems like there are a lot of stories about fighting over regulations, or people mad about horse droppings. I enjoyed watching this, made me want to visit!

      1. It’s good to at least have a mix of stories, isn’t it Amy?

    3. Debbie H

      Good Food

      What a nice story. I miss the family owned markets of days gone by and the attention to service and quality they had. The produce is absolutely wonderful looking. I wish I could get produce locally grown that looked that good.

    4. Alice Mary

      Bread…pie…keep tempting me! (There must be some reason, some form of karma, that threw diabetes in the mix for me. I LOVE carbs—especially the delicious, Amish type shown here.)

      That is one neat, inviting store! Wish I had one nearby. I’d be a regular customer (or at least, window-shopper!)

      I’ll never equate Idaho with just “potatoes” again! I hope we see/hear more about this settlement.

      Alice Mary

      1. I’d love to have one of these in my backyard too. I am with you Alice on the carbs…and don’t forget the cheese 🙂

        And it was interesting to hear the religious makeup of Idaho. I didn’t realize the largest church in the state was LDS.

    5. David Hilton

      Amish store here in Michigan

      We have a cheese shop about 50 miles Grand Rapids Michigan. It is just outstanding, we make about 4 trips a year up there. I also get my Blueberry jam from an Amish store down in Indiana. I get 6 jars every 3 1/2 months. It is outstanding also. Thank You all…. Dave

    6. Judy Tulloch


      I was so wanting to view this video but unfortunately , all I get is a black filled rectangle where the video is suppose to be. The video just isn’t there,

      1. Judy you can also go to this link to view it:

        1. Judy Tulloch


          Erik, thank you for getting back to me. I was able to get the video the first link I tried. It is sooooo good that I don’t live by their market. I’d blow my whole SS check! Nine years ago I lived near Tinley Park in Illinois. In the summer they had a farmers market which had one Amish stand that sold the most fabulous cheeses, breads, jams and apple butter. It was just a couple of tables so each week the may have different items. I greatly miss not being able to get there. Again, thank you! Have a wonderful day!

          1. Gladly Judy, your farmer’s market sounds great. I do miss apple butter, it’s been awhile!

    7. Harriet

      Idaho Amish

      Great article, Erik! It reminds me of Grabill Sales in Grabill, IN and also of E&S In Shipshewana. It’s also great to be back with all of you guys. My computer has been down for 2 whole weeks!! I’ve missed everyone!!

    8. KimH

      The host must be having issues with their website.. I wasnt able to see it any of my devices .. at least the link you provided in the comments gave me some substance to read..

      I love my Amish stores too… wouldnt want to do without them.. I buy a product called Clear Jel that I use in my canned goods.. the only place I can get for a reasonable prices is at the Amish bulk store.. Even the store at Mespo has it cheaper than I can find it online.. I pay about $3 per pound but cant get it for less than $7 online and thats not including shipping.. crazy.

    9. Elin

      Very nice produce indeed! If I had that in my area I would go nowhere else… Yum!

    10. Nicholas


      Thanks for sharing this, Erik! It does remind me a bit of E&S in Shipshe and the bulk food store in Grabill, IN. It reminds me most of Fountain Acres near Richmond, IN. I was wondering if you had any idea what type of Amish this community is. Something about their appearance made me think New Order. Just curious. Have a blessed week.

    11. M. H. G.

      The Amish in Idaho

      The food looks delicious!
      If I travel to Idaho someday I will stop in to buy their goods!
      My family buys Amish Potato Salad, etc., almost every week…

    12. Terry from Wisc

      Idaho Amish

      My brother lives in Salmon, ID! The good thing is I don’t have to travel that far to go Amishing! lol I’ll have to call him and get the scoop on the Amish and how it’s going for them in their new settlement. Who wouldn’t be happy to have home grown produce and home baked goods at your fingertips!
      The Budget came in the mail today and l just read the letter from Salmon! One project that is currently going on is a house renovation because on Dec 3rd there will be a Mrs moving in who is from St Ignatius! Other local men are off to the back woods hunting for mule deer. I thought it kind of unusual that there is no mention of who hosted church, and where it is to be next.

      Stay tuned….

    13. Here’s a nice article on the Country Market in this community, with a hat tip to Tom for bringing it to my attention:

      “According to Miller, the first Amish family moved to Salmon three years ago. There are now five families, including the Millers, who call Idaho home. Miller said that as far as he knows, they are the only Amish community in the state.”

      1. Alice Mary

        (stomach growling)

        That was a nice little article. I’m glad their media exposure paid off (literally) with more business. It seems like another place I’d love to visit (and shop at) someday.

        I hope a few more “Amish pioneers” follow them West.

        I found it a bit out of the ordinary to see a photo of an Amish adult (unless she hasn’t joined church yet).

        Her dress is such a beautiful color. Pastels on Amish women still take me by surprise (a pleasant one).

        I hope you’ll help keep us up to date on this group’s progress.

        Thanks, Erik & Tom!

        Alice Mary

    14. Robin Whitaker

      Amish Pasta

      I always buy the Amish pasta at Walmart, just something about it, I love it.

    15. Alexandra Heidler

      Would like to marry an Amish

      I am a loving, caring middleaged German Lady, who still looks very young and could have a Baby with Gods blessing and a faithful men. I been through a lot in Life but still have a heart full of Love, looking for Love. Please ask for my email. We could get to know each other this way. God bless Alexandra