Not a lot on Amish today, but a nuts and bolts post about site improvements and coming additions. Your suggestions, as always, are appreciated.

Following comments-I’ve added a feature to make following a comment thread easier.

Now if you check the box to be notified of new comments on a post, the email update you receive will include a link that takes you directly to that comment (not just to the beginning of the post as was the case before). This was somethng folks had been asking for and should be helpful on longer comment threads.

Business Guide-Have been getting a lot of questions on how to find a certain Amish business,say a quilt shop in Kentucky or cabinet maker in Maryland. I try to answer but don’t always know the details.

Usually I recommend posting the request in the comments section of the specific state guide page. Thanks to all of you helping out, a lot of people have gotten answers to their questions. I think that will continue to be a good way to do it.

But I’ve also been working hard on another full-fledged resource that should be helpful for at least some of these requests. More to come soon. (UPDATE: It took a little longer than planned, but as of November 2013 we have launched the Amish Business Directory, which will continue to grow).

Forum-The idea of a forum has come up and am looking into a program that would make that possible (there are a number to research and choose from). It would allow people to start their own post topics instead of only being able to comment on things I post.

It may also enable sending personal messages, creating profile pages, etc. It would probably also require filling out a basic registration form to prevent spam.

Forums are pretty common on sites but you see a lot that don’t take off. There can be a number of reasons for that including lack of participation from the site owner and/or readers (or, more common, not enough readers to begin with!)

Amish America’s readership continues to grow, and is currently over 65,000 unique visitors/month (by the way…a big thanks!). It may be time to go ahead and get a forum going here so I’ve put it on the burner.

Your ideas-Any other requests, would love to hear. I can’t promise I’ll be able to get to everything or even most things but if enough people would like to see a certain addition that might give me the push to get it done!

Amish-made cheese

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