Success Made Simple in TIME Magazine

Big news today–Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive featured in Time magazine!

It’s a great piece on Amish business by Andrea Sachs.  Just a page long, but delves into relationships, family, and doing what you’re passionate about.  And how all that fits into making a living.

My favorite line comes from “born salesman” Moses Smucker, who operates a stand at Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.  Mose ran a harness shop for many years before his latest business, where he appreciates being able to spend more time working with family.  Here’s Mose at market (that’s not his family):

“This place doesn’t know what hit ’em,” he says. “I yodel, I whistle, I sing.”  Mose has a great attitude to his work, one reason his meat stand and grill are doing so well.

You’ll read about a few other Lancaster Amish entrepreneurs in the article.  And you can learn more about Mose and others like him in my book. UPDATE: Just talked to Mose, and he is offering a $100 prize to anyone who can guess who he is in the book (all Amish names in the book are changed)*.

If you like the article, please share on Facebook, your blog, twitter, etc.  You’ll see I’ve added a nifty button at the end of the post to make that easier (yes, Amish America is starting to go high-tech).  And don’t forget to visit the new website amishbusinessbook.com.  Thanks!

(*UPDATE 2: Perhaps fearing huge financial losses, Mose is having me add this disclaimer that he was just kidding about the 100 bucks.  But, he says you can still try to guess who he is at no charge!)

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    1. magdalena

      We used to have a stall at a farmer’s market. Our neighbour, a baker, used to organize us into little singing groups to give birthday greetings or for a hymn sing. People do love it. And it makes the day move along a little easier.

    2. Aaron Miller

      Oh yes that is a family member of Moses because it sure looks like him

    3. Miller! 🙂 Maybe you are right, check out the beards!

    4. And that does always help Magdalena. Though Mose wasn’t singing when I spoke with him this morning. Sounded really busy!

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    6. Jeff

      I know Mose personally and I think what makes him a great business man is he likes dealing with people. It’s not just about making money; he really enjoys interacting with people and bringing them happiness with the services/products he offers.

    7. Thanks for sharing Jeff–I think your description of Mose is spot-on. And I think there’s a simple lesson as well, for business or anything else in life. Find something to love in what you do.

    8. mike

      Mose is my uncle’s father in law. 🙂

    9. I used to clean offices and sang hymns and hummed and all while I worked. My boss used to tease that all they had to do to find me was listen and follow the singing! LOL!

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