In Ohio, a new beard-and-hair cutting attack was reported over the weekend (article no longer online):

An elderly Amish man was attacked by his own son, who a sheriff said cut the man’s hair and beard in the latest incident in a breakaway Amish community. The victim told the sheriff he was scared and upset but wouldn’t press charges.

Facts are sketchy, but a couple things strike me as strange.

For one, the fact that another attack happened.  Seems like this group would lay low for now.

On the other hand, who knows if the attacks ever stopped?  Maybe this is the only one we’ve heard of since the much-publicized arrests of  5 members of the Bergholz group.  As in some previous cases, the victim here did not want to press charges.

Second, this one, at least on its face, seems especially devious.  The victim, a 70-year-old man, traveled to the Bergholz community, according to another report, “in response to an invitation from his son to reunite”.  He made the trip from Ashland County to see his son for the first time in several years.

I know the word “reunite” as reported in a news story can have more than one meaning. But if you’ve really got reconciliation on your mind, that meeting doesn’t end with you wrestling your dad onto the ground then cutting his hair off (with help from the grandkids, apparently).

Finally, while all this was going on, Jefferson County’s Sherriff Abdalla was in the vicinity, parked nearby the scene of the incident.

He had warned the son against trouble.  I suppose the scope for intervention was limited, but it’s disturbing that protection was so close by yet the attack still happened.

I guess it says something about the attackers–and the whole sorry situation–that they feel they can be so brazen.

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