Some faves

I’ll be away from the blog for a day or two, so if anyone reads this regularly (listen up, you three), I’ve put up a few links to some of my favorite posts. 

So if you like, you can:

read how Amish forefathers chose to die,

or about the controversy among the Amish surrounding assurance of salvation,

or how some clever Iowa Amish got the barn from point A to point B.

If anyone is really bored, and would like to comment on which one they liked best, I’d be really curious to hear it.

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    1. Dave Carrig

      Thanks bro –

      …me thinks I’m one of those three. 🙂

      Don’t stray too far now. See ya in a few…

    2. Yep, I am one of the three as well me thinks! LOL! i enjoy your posts. Hurry back!

    3. Shannon

      I am SO excited to find your blog!!!! I can’t wait to read it all!!!!

    4. Shannon

      I loved the post about the assurance of salvation. I have often wondered and worried about that with the Amish.

    5. Thanks everyone! It’s always a great feeling when I log on and see that I’ve gotten some thoughtful comments from you!

      And whew! Travels are finally over and I’m back after an unexpected one day delay in Atlanta. I love airports.

      I should just start going to Europe by boat like the Amish.

    6. Welcome home! Sounds like the airport was a lot of fun!

    7. Thanks Michelle! It was a blast. I suppose there are worse experiences in life, though…

    8. Nevah

      Hi Erik,

      Welcome back. I really enjoy the blogs. Thanks for the article re:Assurance of Salvation. I have been interested in the Amish culture lately. Even thought about living the lifestyle. I would like to learn how to use a lantern confidently knowing that I would not burn my place of living down. Anyhow, knowing that I could live w/out electricity and enjoy most of the plain lifestyle, it is the practice of my faith and assurace of my salvation that I could not convert to the Old Order. I have started looking into the Beachy Amish denomiation. Would you happen to know of which communities the Beachy Amish live?

      Thank you. Keep the blogs coming. I have enjoyed them! They have given me a realistic view. Also, glad you were able to meet Abe.

    9. Beachy Amish locations--North America, Africa, Europe

      There are Beachy congregations from Texas to Kenya to Ukraine. Stateside, the largest are in Ohio, PA, and Indiana. There are Beachy communities in about two dozen states. (Nevah, what’s your state? I have a rudimentary map). There is at least one Beachy Amish blog, I don’t know the name, but if you search Amish on technorati you will find it. I believe it’s run by a Beachy or former Beachy.

      The New Order Amish, who are basically a subset of the Old Order, do believe in assurance. They are horse-and-buggy, though, so that’s an obstacle you may avoid with the Beachys.

      Thanks a lot for reading! I hope your search bears fruit. Let me know if there’s anything else.