The sporting Amishman


A quick diversion from the middle of a pile of Lancaster posts (I’ve left Abe’s and am currently en route to Poland, but managed to file a few away while on the farm)…

Eric shares an interesting photo of a Wisconsin Amish teenage fisherman.

The two boys Eric spoke with were out all day on a local lake.  This shot was taken while they made a pit-stop for snacks.  Since they’d be returning home late, the fish would have to wait til breakfast, they said.

Fishing is a sport with a nice practical justification–feeding the family.  Amish across America enjoy hunting as well, which often results in freezers full of venison for the colder months.

But how do the Amish approach the more competitive, ‘non-productive’ sports–basketball, football and so on?  More on that in the next post.

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    1. I often see Amish fishermen in St. Joseph County, Michigan, especially on a Saturday. There is a place where the gravel road will be lined with cars and buggies, some of the buggies towing small boats with small outboard motors. Unfortunately, I’ve never taken a photo of it.

    2. Fishing is a great hobby for anyone, not just the Amish 🙂 And like you said, that and hunting also bring in food, so it’s double the blessing!

      Great picture!

    3. It is a very nice photo, I’m grateful Eric took the time to send it in.

      John I saw a lot of that just south of St. Joseph Co in the n. Indiana settlement, seems it’s a popular pasttime in that region.

      Dawn I was never much of a fisherman myself but the times I went I found it quite relaxing, though mostly unsuccessful!