As the US gets walloped by winter weather bringing ice and snow to places that rarely have it, I thought this slice of life photo would be just the thing today. I like this photo for several reasons – the visual aspect of it – but also the mystery behind it.

We don’t know where the photo was taken – or even the year or for that matter decade (I found it via Canva – the author is Jack W. Taylor). The Amish buggy, little-changing in form over time, gives us scant clue as to what year it might be.

On the other hand the automobile looks like it might be a late 1960s or 1970s model. Does that reflect when the photo was taken – or is this a more recent shot of someone driving a “classic”?

We witness the exact moment that the two pass each other. The snow is heavy – indeed piled up thick on the back of the auto.

It’s unlikely the driver of either vehicle has any recollection of this chance passing today, or where either happened to be headed that day. But thanks to Jack Taylor’s photo, we get to imagine.

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