Slice Of Amish Life: End Of The Commons

In today’s Slice of Amish Life, an Amishman approaches the End Of The Commons General Store in the Geauga County, Ohio community, with what looks like his daughter in tow.

Image: Jack Pearce/flickr

This is not an Amish business, and has more of a touristic feel. But I would suppose it’s one that Amish living nearby would visit as well. It is in fact the oldest general store in the state.

It’s located in the township of Mesopotamia, one of my favorite place names in Amish communities (“Mespo” for short). Here’s a wider view shot from the store’s website:

The township carries a historically grand name, and The Commons is a historically significant area. The photographer, Jack Pearce, provides some background:

The center of Mesopotamia, better known as The Commons, is surrounded by 28 buildings, 21 of them built before the Civil War and included on the National Register of Historic Places.

The End of the Commons General Store, the oldest general store in the state of Ohio, has been in continuous operation since the 1840s, sits at the south end of the town’s center. Today this area is part of the fourth largest Amish settlement in the country and the second largest in Ohio.

Across from the General Store on the east side of the Commons sits the worlds’s largest Amish horse and buggy which stands 14′ high and 32′ long.

Photo by Jack Pearce/flickr (cropped image)

We see the store advertises penny candy, popcorn, and other goodies. A quick stop for a treat for a little Amish girl?

Update: two shots of the giant wooden buggy on The Commons, also courtesy of Jack Pearce (photo 1|photo 2):

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    1. Geo


      If there was a picture of the 14 foot tall buggy, it didn’t show up. I wanted to see that.

      1. Joseph Jeffcoat

        Picture of the World's Largest Horse and Buggy

        1. Good link Joseph, I also just updated the post with two shots of the wooden buggy by the same photographer.

    2. Kathy Rowe


      I have been to The End of the Commons General Store. It has so many neat and different things there. Be sure to stop in if you are in that area. You will spend some enjoyable time browsing.

    3. Leo Boylan

      End Of Commons

      I have been to this store several times. Amish people shop there and work there. They have a good deli, ice cream, fudge, fry pies, coffee, many kinds of old fashioned soda pop in glass bottles, etc. I have bought old style canning jar rubbers and kerosene lamp wicks there. Lots of candies, bulk foods, straw hats, kitchen items, novelty items and lots more. Check them out at

      1. Thanks for the additional info Leo, that Amish work and shop there. I have driven through the area but never stopped at the store. Looks like a charming place to visit.

    4. Randy

      Great work, Eric!

      Just a quick line, but felt it important to say that I think Eric’s blog is utterly outstanding — consistently interesting, uplifting (except when the topic is sad, but Eric has good judgment about deciding when it is necessary or otherwise appropriate to cover some sad topics) and moderated in a carefully considerate and balanced manner. It speaks to the excellence of Eric’s work that he has garnered a following of readers who add much to the reading enjoyment by sharing informative comments and varying perspectives in a typically respectful tenor and kindly spirit. Best wishes to all for a nice weekend.

      1. Thank you Randy! I always appreciate your positive approach here.