Seven of nine beard defendants to remain free until sentencing

It seems that arguments of hardship have swayed the judge in the beard-cutting case.  Yesterday it was decided that seven of the defendants will remain free on bond until sentencing.

Federal judge Dan Aaron Polster “considered the arguments that jailing the seven would cause their families extreme financial hardships….potentially forcing their children to go hungry this winter.”

From the story:

“The court does not believe any of these seven defendants will flee, nor is it likely they will commit another offense,” Polster wrote. “None of the defendants has any prior record, and each was involved in only one of the religiously-motivated attacks.”

All of the women involved (six individuals) are among the seven who will remain free.  Sentencing is January 24.

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    1. Alice Mary

      Stay tuned...

      It seems that the judge has the right idea (letting 7, mainly women, remain free for the time being) Let’s hope January 24 brings a just, but reasonable sentence. (And let’s hope TLC doesn’t get involved!)

      Alice Mary

      1. I especially liked the last line of your comment Alice Mary 🙂

      2. Jean Junkin

        Have to agree

        I have to agree about TLC. I don’t like what they are showing about the Amish. Hubby and I had the pleasure of staying at Amos Smucker’s home in Bird-in-Hand, PA. What they show on TV is nothing like their real life. Jean

    2. Brenda Henry

      My feelings are, as my Momma would say, “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”.
      I am wondering how many of the six women will be “in the family way” come Jan. 24th??
      Oh Alice Mary, don’t you know TLC will be jumping all over this one? I just hope they at least ‘try’ to do a better job at promoting it than “Breaking Amish” and some of the others.

    3. Richard from Amish Stories

      I think the sooner they are sentenced and begin their jail time the better so they can begin their road to redemption, and then they can all get on with their lives after all of this.

      I really believe that most people deserve a second chance for minor crimes or less than murdering someone, we have some prime jail space for much more severe cases and the dirt bags that live among us I think.

      And as they all sit in a dark cell all alone I’m sure most of these folks will feel remorse for what they all did, and I hope that the sentence fits the crime and the judge does not go over-board here.

      Richard from

    4. Ed

      The Bergholz group could aptly be called “dirt bags” but being a dirt bag is not illegal nor uncommon in the mainstream “English” community. I’m glad the judge made the decision he did.

      I must disagree with those who have expressed that the women of the group should get a lighter sentence. Men and women are equal in god’s eyes and both are capable of discerning right from wrong.

      It may be the case that some see this situation as more of a “domestic dispute” rather than a hate crime, thus putting most of the blame on the ringleader.

    5. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      "a higher court"?

      I wonder what the “Beard Cutters” and the victims, and both groups of families feel about The Lord’s judgment on the matter will be.

    6. Lattice

      I had no idea that six out of the nine defendants were women. Wow!

    7. Women can be as mean and aggressive as angry cats.

      1. OldKat


        THAT is a great line! Still lol.

    8. rick

      amish show on australian tv

      Im kind of new at this and I couldn’t figure out where to post it. There is a new six week series called living with the amish on sbsone on Victorian television. I found it by accident channel surfing. It was the first episode last night. Wednesday nights, 8:30.

      1. Joyce

        Australians are interested too

        I am strongly attracted to the Amish way of life and have enormous respect for the people.
        The way they live, Godly and plain lives, speaks to me of what some of us have lost.
        The close-knit communities who support one another and yet, many of them, so welcoming to outsiders.
        Not so long ago, in my grandmother’s time, pioneering families in Australia lived similarly to the Amish.
        There are a few communities in Australia today who chose to live in simple ways with a view to pleasing God.
        They are to be admired for taking a stand and truly practicing their beliefs.
        I hope to one day visit with the Amish. I would love to get to know them and make some new friends.
        It would be a real honor to experience their way of life. A life that genuinely respects and reveres God.