Sam Mullet Resentencing Hearing Set For February 24

Yesterday, a federal judge set the date for resentencing hearings for Bergholz leader Sam Mullet and 15 others for February 24, 2015.

Hate crimes convictions against the groups were overturned in August.

Bergholz Bishop Sam MulletPrior to the initial sentencing, Amish people made news by writing over a dozen letters requesting a “long” or “life” sentence for Mullet.

Mullet was originally sentenced to 15 years in prison in February 2013 for his role in beard- and hair-cutting attacks against Amish. Fifteen of his followers received punishments ranging from one to seven years.

Despite the scheduled hearing, the case could take a number of courses. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

The federal prosecutors still could decide to change course prior to next year’s resentencing hearing. For instance, they could file a petition for a writ of certiorari asking the U.S. Supreme Court to consider overturning the court of appeals’ decision. Or they could ask Polster to reschedule the cases for trial, or ask the judge to sentence the defendants to additional time behind bars.

On the other side, the defense attorneys could ask Polster to dismiss the remaining charges, give their clients credit for three years time already served in prison, and grant their release.

While hate crimes convictions were overturned, other convictions were not:

The appeals court overturned the defendants’ convictions for hate crimes, but not their convictions for conspiring to obstruct justice. In addition, Sam and Lester Mullet and Eli Miller were convicted of obstructing justice, and Sam Mullet was convicted of lying to the FBI, which were not overturned.

Six members of the group remain imprisoned at different locations around the country.

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    1. Forest in North Carolina

      Someone is eventually going to end up getting hurt, if this man is released. I believe he will go back to doing the same thing he was doing previously, and I see no indication that the other members of his cult have learned anything or expressed any remorse over what happened.

      1. Slightly-handled-Order-man

        I’m afraid of the same thing.

    2. Mark - Holmes Co.

      It does seem like trouble waiting to happen.

    3. Ed

      I think all concerned are going to need to accept that Mr. Mullet and his group are probably not going to change their beliefs. Furthermore, prison time isn’t going to do anything to change this — even if the trial did provide the opportunity to expose his misdeeds and perhaps gave some of his followers an opportunity to exit.

      Indeed, “spiritually abusive” people and groups are among us, so we need carefully discern our own beliefs and who we follow.

      The “correctional” system of prisons and jails is unlikely to correct this issue.