Rules of a Godly Life: Division

Returning to the Rules of a Godly Life devotional, from Part Two (“Words”), rule # 11:

You cannot have disputes and divisions with fellow humans and still have peace with God. If you love God, you must also love your fellow men, because God has commanded it.

Short and sweet, but one of the hardest to take to heart?


Some Amish observe Easter Monday today, as is the case in certain denominations and parts of the US and world.


Finally, three photos courtesy of Rose, taken in a Wisconsin Amish community.

Amish Pleasant View Bakery

Amish Carriages Wisconsin

Amish School Wisconsin Community

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    1. Linda

      “To live above with saints we love—oh that will be glory!
      To live below with saints we know, now that’s a different story.”

    2. Carolyn B

      Wow, look at all that cord wood stacked up in the photo. I’m impressed. I also like the plain white house.

      Erik, re: the buggy photo, aren’t these similar to the one buggy several weeks ago we were wondering if it was a ramp as well as the back of the buggy? From the frequency we’re seeing this style, I’m assuming it is just that community’s style.

      1. Actually this is a pretty normal look for buggies in parts of the Midwest, looks rather Indiana. The one you’re referring to I believe was wider.

      2. Thinking this may be the one you are talking about Carolyn?

    3. Erin

      Thanks for contributing the pictures, Rose. That bakery sign looks very similar to a sign that I just took in East Central MN this past weekend for a home baked goods sale.

      I just made some great baked good purchases at their bake sale and I didn’t have the opportunity to discuss their Easter traditions. There were many buggies at their home and I could see several women had the windows open and I could see them cleaning. I noticed several English friends stopping in for purchases as well as farm business. When I commented on all the activity, she replied that holiday weekends are always very busy.

      I had really hoped to meet Ed and Ruth in northern MN, but I wasn’t sure of their holiday plans, if any, so I will go another time.

      Where in WI are these pictures taken? I’ve been through Mondovi and near Tomah.

      1. Erin I believe these are all from the Kingston/Dalton community. I hope you’ll mention how your visit to Ed and Ruth goes if/when it happens.

        1. Erin

          Thanks Erik. That looks like a 5.25 hour drive. I believe Fertile is about 3 1/2 – 4 hours from me. I most definitely have intentions of meeting Ed and Ruth this Spring. We’ve had temps in the 40s and 50s the past several days so the snow is finally melting and there’s mud everywhere. I have to say it’s welcome! I will certainly send an update after I meet them!