Rebecca Miller: Miracles Still Do Happen

Do you believe in miracles? Ohio Amish church member Rebecca Miller describes the following dramatic story as “a true happening here in the community.”

She notes that “I took the liberty to change names to protect identity and took a writer’s liberties to add minute details to get a better story line. I heard the original event by word of mouth, so I embellished it slightly but the main story plot is totally accurate.”

Maybe you’ve had something unexplainable like this happen in your life. Even if you haven’t, I think Rebecca’s final question is one to always keep in mind.

Miracles Still Do Happen

It was a chilly late spring afternoon. Caleb Troyer and his four young sons headed out to fix fences around the meadow which contained a small farm pond. Because of this pond, Caleb was reluctant to take little Christopher along, but after a bout of tears and promises from the older brothers to watch him carefully, he instructed 16-year-old Marlene to dress him for the outside.

As Caleb’s wife Martha washed the lunch dishes, she watched thoughtfully as her hubby and four sons headed out. Thirteen-year-old Michael, with his hands full of tools, almost matched his father’s height already. Ten-year-old Eric and five-year-old Andrew each had hold of little Christopher’s hand as they crossed the barnyard and headed down the field lane. “How blessed I am,” she thought, “with the family God has given me.” After clearing away the dishes she and her daughters went on to other jobs.

dover amish pond farmMeanwhile out in the field all was going well, with Michael assisting his dad while the younger boys played beside them. Suddenly Caleb looked up. Where was Christopher? His head turned immediately to the little pond. NO! There was Christopher floating on the water.

Caleb, quick-thinking man that he was, kicked off his work boots as he ran and dived in and grabbed his dear little boy. After the rescue, he gathered him up and with his other sons following close behind headed for the shop/garage–the nearest warm building. The boys, clearly shaken, were very quiet. “Quick Eric,” he instructed, “run and get Mom and a blanket.”

Meanwhile, he stood close to the stove and cuddled his little son with the older boys looking on. His father heart faltered within him to think how easily this could have ended differently. With praises to God he gazed at his young sons. Michael appeared on the verge of tears. Comforting him, he said,”Don’t worry, Christopher is OK.” This broke the dam. Between sobs Michael cried,”Dad, I’m so sorry- it was all my fault, I should have been looking.” Putting his arm around his older son he assured him that the fault lay on himself, too. “But, son, let’s thank God for keeping him safe.”

By now Mom had entered the shop and clutched her baby to herself. Oh, the thoughts that went through her mind as she lovingly removed his wet clothes and wrapped him in the blanket, leaving her hubby to comfort his other sons who each thought it was their fault, because they had promised to care for him. She was so thankful that Marlene had dressed him in his little puffy coat with the insulated lining even if it was barely cool enough for it. That seemed to be what had kept him floating–it had puffed up, acting as a flotation device.

Fast-forward to the next morning (meanwhile I’m sure little sonny was well looked after and many a thankful prayer wafted upward).

Martha was gathering the laundry for her daughters who were getting an early start. After gathering everything else she thought of Christopher’s wet clothing out in the shop. So she went to get it, but she couldn’t find the coat. So she headed back inside to talk to Marlene. Marlene got a strange look on her face when Mom asked her if she knew where Christopher’s coat was.

“Mom, it’s in the closet, I didn’t put a coat on him yesterday morning, only his sweatshirt and cap.”

“But, Marlene, I removed his coat and it was all puffed up and I thought, that’s what saved him.”

“Mom, I know he was not wearing a coat when Dad took him out.”

“Let’s go check the closet,” Mom suggested. And there was the little coat that was supposedly lying in the shop, damp and smelly–hanging in the closet, warm and dry.

So, this leaves us with the question: Who put that coat on little Christopher? And how had a wet, smelly coat become clean and dry overnight, hanging in the closet?

Do you believe in miracles and guardian angels? I definitely do, and I believe that little Christopher’s family does too. There is absolutely no other way to describe this happening, which truly did occur here in Holmes County this spring. If it gives you goosebumps to read this, believe me I got goosebumps the first time I heard the story and again writing about it.

I’m sure that little Christopher got a few extra hugs and kisses from his parents and siblings over the next several days. Why is it that we need to almost lose something before we fully appreciate what we have?

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    1. George

      Miracles Still Do Happen

      Yes Rebecca, miracles still happen.
      Not long ago, a woman answered the phone. Seconds thereafter a plane crashed in her home destroying everything.
      She was standing next to a cabinet which was not touched by the crash.
      The woman survived.
      Guess what was inside the cabinet?
      It was full of Angels!
      I have a figure of an Angel in each room of my house, I too believe in Angels!

    2. Jim Cates

      Miracles and Beauty

      Thanks so much for sharing, Rebecca. A beautiful story of faith that affirms us all.

    3. Harriet


      This is a wonderful story, Rebecca. Thank-you for sharing it. Isn’t it funny though, only a couple of people have responded to this story of pure beauty, when over a hundred people had comments about horse manure. Hmmm…where are our priorities?

      1. Adam

        Keep in mind that the manure story has been out for over a week and has been a ongoing discussion. This story was posted just this morning, give it time 🙂

    4. Jill Rappold


      I truly believe in miracles and the power of prayer. Thank God for saving little Christopher’s life! What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing Rebecca!

    5. Melissa M.

      Miracles Still Do Happen

      Beautiful story and so glad the baby was okay. And, Yes, I still believe in miracles!

    6. Alice Mary

      Some things can’t be explained in any other way than by “miracle.” Let’s hope for more of them. 🙂

      Alice Mary

    7. Alex Knisely

      "Flotation device"

      I’ve never encountered those two words together except in a flight attendant’s pre-take off description of my seat cushion. Very unexpected to find them in an Amishwoman’s prose… but English people write things that Amish men and women read, and I suppose that the phrase occurred in one such text; it likely stayed with the reader, who has deployed it now as a writer.

    8. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      I am glad to hear that everyone is alright.

      I don’t know any names, but my dad’s cousin, or older relative died in youth in such a situation.

      I would guess that here in the modern age, this is less of a problem in America and Canada, but I assume farm drowning still happen…

      I remember when I was a teenager and a Royal Canadian Sea Cadet we had a memorial parade for two teenage boys who died in the maritime’s at a summer camp out there, it chilled me.

      thank goodness the Amish child is alright 🙂

    9. Mary

      Another MIRACLE from God!

      Thank you Rebecca for posting this miracle! This is another example of God’s great power.

    10. Jerry

      A wonderful and heart filling tale.

      Thanks for sharing this delightful story. There’s no denying that it is was it is. A miracle. I can’t wait to share it with others. Thanks again.

    11. Judith


      I’m so glad that his coat was on and he survived. I once asked my Dad if he believed in miracles, he was a scientist and an engineer, an incredibly learned man. His reply “Give me one speck of sand” which I did. “What if I told you that out of all the specks of sand on all the beaches in the world, this one is a miracle of God?” I was perplexed. He said “There are more stars in the universe than there are specks of sand in all the world – and we just happen to be in the right spot for life – that is a miracle. The fact that we are even talking about this, is a miracle. The odds are so huge against us being here – and yet here we are. This planet is a miracle, and we are all walking, talking miracles. Don’t ever forget that.”

    12. Verity Pink

      Thank you

      Thank you for this lovely story. Reminds me of the time when I went as escort with a group of women with disabilities to a holiday camp. They changed our chalets at the last minute, no difference except that the new one boasted a small coffee table, and the other hadn’t. I was Anglican at the time, so went to the parish church on the Sunday, taking a couple of women, but sadly having to leave behind Jemima, who wasn’t well. After the service, I approached the vicar to ask about bringing Communion for Jemima. He was delighted, said he’d never brought Communion to a holiday camp guest, and it would be a privilege. “Just one thing I’ll need… you wouldn’t have a small table I can use?!”

    13. Debbie H

      Great story. Yes I believe in miracles. Why wouldn’t I, I believe in God and he hasn’t stopped being God.

    14. Carolyn B

      Thank you, Rebecca, for such a miraculous story. God is good. Another commenter inquired about your use of the words “flotation device”, thinking it unusual for an Amish woman’s vocabulary. As an English major and wanted-to-be educator myself, I believe that you knew your audience and used words that we would understand best. That along with your responsibilities as a teacher to others must be a very good reason for you to have a wide vocabulary. Keep it up. Good job!

      Verity Pink, I loved reading your story in the comments. Thanks for sharing it.

    15. Victoria Roberts


      Upon waking up from a strange dream, I picked up my cell phone to see the time and not wanting to go back to sleep I opened Amish America. What a blessing it was to read this story. It’s wonderful to be reminded of God grace and love. Rebecca Miller, thank you for sharing it with us.

    16. Kate

      Thank you Rebecca!

      What a wonderful story, Rebecca! Thank you for sharing this with us. It was a great way to start my weekend and it gave me goose-bumps. God is good!

    17. M. H. G.


      Great story! It gave me chills… (In a positive way)

      Other Examples: I have heard other miracle stories from
      Charisma Magazine as well..
      Such as: A good Samaritan guides a student to safety from a
      burning building..
      Afterwards, the student wanted to thank the person
      who helped her.. BUT, the student found out, that the person
      who rescued her from the fire, was out of town,
      that very same day of the fire… ??? Miracle or Angels?
      You decide!

    18. Amish Girl-Rebecca

      Thank-you folks, for all the kind comments. About the flotation device – I even had to go back and read my story to see how I used the word. I am an avid reader and I probably picked it up somewhere, but keep your eyes open it is more common than you think. Many inflatable toys and other objects carry the warning “Not for use as a Flotation device”. Another thing to keep in mind is that, although we may have only an 8th grade education – we are not uneducated. In fact I know quite a number of pretty highly educated Amish men and women, who only went to school for 8 years.