Reader Photos of Pennsylvania Amish

Thanks to Bill for sharing a few photos of two Amish settlements in Pennsylvania.

The first shot is from the Smicksburg community, and the second two were taken near New Wilmington.




These two communities are about the same size, around 15 to 17 church districts.  Smicksburg is actually a Geauga County, Ohio daughter colony, hence the Ohio-style buggy, not too often seen in Pennsylvania.

If anyone else would like to share photos or anything Amish-related, please do, either in the comments section or to my email.   

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    1. I posted some questions for you at The Spokesrider. It’s the one titled “Amish hunters and night-time bicycling”

    2. I should add, I was hoping you’d post your answers here, not over at the Spokesrider. Maybe there are some good blog topics for you in those questions.

    3. Here is an interesting site for the Beachy Amish. Maybe you are aware of it.
      This is off-topic for this post, but…

    4. Matthew

      John – did you ever find out the name and location of that Amish bookstore?