Reader Photos: New Wilmington, Pennsylvania Amish

Rick shares some summertime photos from the sizeable Amish settlement at New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

Amish hay New Wilmington Pennsylvania
Harvest time at New Wilmington is a low-tech affair.

Amish home New Wilmington Pennsylvania
Blue is the color of choice for clothing in New Wilmington.  Men and women in the community wear various shades of it.  Looks like wash day.

Amish Martin Houses New Wilmington Pennsylvania
Martin houses are popular on Amish front lawns across the country.  Martins are birds related to swallows.  Due to their hearty appetites for insects, they are welcome guests at Amish homes.

Amish school New Wilmington Pennsylvania
Thanks to Rick for sharing.

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    1. Those are great photos! I am sure glad Rick shared with all of us!

    2. Beautiful photos. I love seeing Amish from different places.

    3. Andrea

      Very nice pictures. It is nice to see the photos that Rick took of the Amish way of life. So simple, so peaceful. Would love to visit this area but from everything I have been reading and resourcing,I understand they dislike people taking their pictures. But I’m taken by their simple life..