Missouri Amish Carriage


Photos from Ohio and Missouri.  First, Marcia shares a few photos of Highland County, Ohio.  As some readers have pointed out, some or all of these pictures are likely of Stauffer Mennonites residing in the county.

There are apparently two Old Order Amish settlements, founded in the last few years, with members residing in Highland County, but going by the looks of the buggy as well as the equipment you can barely see by the barn in the above photo, these are more likely of the Stauffer group (the hatted, beardless men in the auction photo of course are not Amish).





And Michelle sends a photo of transportation in a Missouri Amish community.  I thought the orange warning flag was interesting.

Missouri amish

I’d seen these used by Amish before, for example on the back of an electric scooter-wheelchair, but never on a carriage.

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    1. MA

      The Highland County, OH “Amish” are actually Old Order Stauffer Mennonites.

    2. MA

      The Highland County, OH “Amish” are Old Order Stauffer Mennonites.

    3. I really do like the draft horses. They have always been my favorite. I really like the first picture too.

    4. MA, thanks for the heads up! There apparently actually are Amish in Highland County, but I believe you are right about most or all of these photos not being of them! The Amish, according to my info, are in the Hillsboro/Leesburg area, unless the settlement has gone extinct in the last few years and that info has not been updated.

    5. MA

      Oh, I hadn’t been aware of the Amish settlements in Highland County. It has been a couple of years since I’ve been there. And I do agree, nice photos! Sorry for the earlier double posting, BTW.

    6. No problem MA, I double post all the time! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Michelle I agree with you on draft horses. They’re amazingly powerful, really mighty beasts, but respond obediently even when an 85-lb pipsqueak Amish boy is behind the reins. Amazing animals

    7. Rose

      Concerning the orange triangle on the back of the Amish buggies, I believe that it is a law here in Missouri that they have them, because they are slow moving vehicles.

    8. Natalie

      There are a lot of Amish/Mennonites in Highland County. They are buying land and settling in. I have seen buggies on 138.

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