On the radio tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll be a guest on a new radio program called Amish Wisdom, hosted by Amish Peace author Suzanne Woods Fisher.  I expect it to be a fun chat;  we’ll be discussing “all things Amish”, as the radio site says.  You can listen online at Toginet Radio from 5-6pm Eastern time.

They’ll also be giving away a copy of my book, which you can register to win by going to the segment post here (scroll down) and leaving a comment with your email address.

Also, if you happen to have any questions you’d like to have addressed on the show, Suzanne would like to hear them!  I can’t guarantee they’ll get covered, but you can leave them in the comments here and I’ll pass them along.

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  1. When someone asks us about our Indiana Old Order Amish friends, rather than go into a long, often misunderstood analogy – -we give them the following – – ” The Amish are good, honest, hard-working people, who have adopted a lifestyle based on religious, moral, traditional and communal beliefs”. each category could take hours of discussion. We know it may sound just too simple, but do you think that this is a fair explanation? Thank You

  2. Robin Wyatt

    Yes I do think that your explanation is very fair. Everything you said is the truth. And in this day and time SIMPLE is looking better and better every day.

  3. Hi Jack and Eileen, sorry we weren’t able to take your question on the program, but I would agree with Robin. That is a fair assessment, without going into hours of discussion as you say!

  4. Thanks to all who listened, there should be a podcast available soon which I will post. We had a nice chat, and Suzanne had some great questions.

  5. I listened to the show, interesting.

  6. Thanks Elin! You might have noticed I mentioned the Swedish version of scrapple during the meat part of the discussion.

  7. Yes, I did, I was somewhat honored I must say! 😉