On the radio today

amish radioI’ll be on Suzanne Woods Fisher’s show today at 5pm EST.  Should be a fun time (there might even be a “pre-announcement” on the new book).  

If you’d like to tune in, you can listen here.  And it will be available as a podcast as well.

I think we have a pretty free-flow format today;  I suggested some topics to Suzanne that might be interesting to discuss.  I took them all from the past couple months of the blog.  Here are posts I included in the list:

Amish salvage stores

Living without the internet

Amish settlements across N. America

SMV triangle/road safety

Favorite Amish products and businesses

And, I can’t promise we’ll get to everything–but are there any other topics or questions you’d like us to cover?

Photo credit: Chris Nixon

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    1. Alice Mary

      I’m curious to find out if tragedies (such as the van accident, as well as others posted in your blog) are “regula”r occurrences, or happening more often than before. It seems (perhaps due to the blog) that I’m hearing about them more.

      How are the Amish generally “holding up”, especially as it pertains to paying hospital/doctor/other bills related to these awful accidents?

      Alice Mary

    2. Amish Stories

      I missed your show Erik........

      Hey Erik i missed your show because i walked-in the house a little after 6pm. But it looks like the show you were on will repeat very soon so ill have to pop on Amish Wisdom in a few days to check again. Richard from http://www.Amishstorys.com

    3. Tom

      Hey Richard

      Hey Richard I just noticed if you click the link in the post they have the show available as a podcast here is a link. http://toginet.com/show/amishwisdom/articles/2217 Look to the right of the screen and you can see it under recent shows.

    4. Podcast is up

      That’s right, you can listen to the podcast at the link in the post above.

      We had a lot of fun today. Talked about the blog alot, even referenced some of your comments. We hit on a whole cornucopia of topics–changing Amish homes, joining the Amish, Amish in front of the camera 🙂

      I also “unofficially” talked about the new book, and what’s in it. Saving the official announcement for Amish America!

      Here’s the link again:


    5. Mona

      Missed the interview today, I don’t recall seeing a time it was on….is there a way, you can post it for the ones who did not get to see it or hear it ? And notify us when it will be shown again….

    6. Amish Stories

      I heard it later, and well done Erik you did us proud!

      Thanks Tom, i went back later and heard the interview. Well done Erik and congratulations you handled yourself pretty well and i found it interesting. Richard http://www.Amishstorys.com