Part 2: On-Camera Interview with Amishman Joseph Yoder

Joseph Yoder is an Amishman in the Arthur, Illinois community. He recently did an on-camera interview for news channel WCIA. This is the second part, you’ll find part 1 here if you missed it.

In this segment, Joseph talks about getting into the furniture business and challenges the community faces with technology. He explains how it came about that he was able to begin carrying a flip-phone for his work – even though the church’s rules at the time do not permit such a thing.

He further shares on how the host church and weddings – and how the growing community accommodates large attendance at weddings for example, which can exceed 1000 people.

He also circles back in a way to a point made in the previous video, on how the Amish were very reserved when he was growing up. Here Joseph explains that he and his wife encourage their children to be different than the Amish were in the past. This is about “show[ing] them that we have something in our hearts that they might want.”

And he sounds a note you often hear from the typically forward-looking Amish. “Being a traditional Amishman is way more than just myself.  It is my generations after me – is what keeps me where I’m at.”

He also emphasizes that Amish culture “will not save me.” It’s about having Jesus in his heart, he explains.

Enjoy part 2:


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    1. Mike Lucas

      Music in video

      It’s annoying and distracting. It would be better without it. BTW, I’m a professional musician.

      1. Agree, I would have left it out or at least cut it to half volume. Still, kudos to WCIA for putting this together and to Joseph Yoder for not only doing the interview but covering a wide range of interesting topics.

        1. Sound

          Agree background music is bit overt. Also, not in agreement with the use of flip phone, in business, as he now can be tracked, and monitored without his knowledge. We look to the Amish to be role models for a more honorable way of living, and to not fall prey, to the corruption of the world. Blessed be

          1. Annette Kastner

            Role Models

            If we are inspired by Amish culture, we can be the role models and live honorably, whether we are Amish or English.

    2. Why the Indiana buggy scenes?

      I see that the scenes of buggies on the road and in the parking lots were obviously shot in Nappanee + Middlebury, Indiana, given the license plates shown and especially the Martin’s supermarket location. Why this out of state aspect to a story coming from Arthur? (and I know that this website did not film it)

    3. Cheryl W

      music in video

      I agree, the music in part one and two is definately inappriopriately “hokey” and too loud. It seems that is the same with any documentary, it is hard to hear what the person is saying because the so-called background music is so loud (and not necessary).
      Otherwise, the two videos are very informative. Thank you

    4. Annette Kastner

      Interesting Interview

      Despite being an amateur production (appears to be interns on public access tv) it’s still interesting. Perhaps the informal, not mainstream commercial TV, nature of the interview was one of the reasons Mr. Yoder agreed to speak.

    5. Part 2 on camera with Joseph Yoder

      Thankyou for sharing. It appears to be changes in amish communities and it doesn’t take away from God in their heart just making life a bit easier to make a living. I admire their excellent craftsmanship in furniture. Thank you again Joseph Yoder for your part 2 to help englishers understand and what your doing doesn’t change the nice person you are.