Which are the oldest Amish settlements? You can check out the list here or watch the short video below for the answer. Of these oldest communities:

  • three of them were founded in the 1700s
  • one of them is located outside of the US
  • five of them were founded in one noteworthy seven-year stretch
  • just one lies west of the Mississippi River

I originally wrote about this around ten years ago. The nice thing about keeping up a list like this is that it very rarely goes out of date.

And I don’t expect it will, as these are all well-established settlements, most of them large, and in no danger of going “extinct” anytime soon.

As mentioned in the video, there were some Amish communities which predated the current oldest community. However they ceased to exist at some point.

For example, this was the first Amish settlement in North America, which, for reasons besides its age, holds a special place in Amish lore.

For more on the topic you can also check out the 25 Amish settlements at least 100 years old.

Amish-made cheese

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