This is not an Amish buggy. Biking enthusiast and adventure blogger the Spokesrider has posted a few interesting photos from inside an Old Order Mennonite buggy shop in Indiana.

Owner LeRoy Martin hails from the area of Indiana described in yesterday’s post on the Nappanee Amish.  His shop does have some Mennonite and Amish customers, but many are in fact non-Plain,with Martin’s new and renovated buggies being used in urban settings.

Fancy buggies are common in the historical center of Krakow, Poland as well, a popular tourist destination and the place I spend a good chunk of my year.  Don’t know if any of them originate from Martin’s, or other plain shops, though.

Poland has an equestrian tradition, for that matter, and is known internationally for its horses.  The local Amish population is a bit low, however, and aren’t even using horses these days.

Amish-made cheese

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