Ohio Police Seeking Hit & Run Driver In Crash That Killed Horse (Updated)

From Fox8.com:

BERLIN, Ohio (WJW) — The Ohio State Highway Patrol is working to locate the driver it says was involved in a hit-and-run crash.

The highway patrol said its Wooster Post is looking into the crash that happened on Feb. 6 at 8:34 a.m. on Somerset Drive (Township Road 359) near US 62.

According to a press release, a horse and buggy was traveling on Somerset Drive and was struck from behind by a newer gray Subaru Impreza. The highway patrol said the Subaru continued on Township Road 359 and onto US 62 in Berlin.

The driver of the buggy was not injured, but the horse had to be put down.

The vehicle that left the scene should have moderate damage to the front bumper and right front panel, the highway patrol said. There is video of the vehicle leaving the scene, the press release stated.

There was also a silver SUV directly behind the Subaru that continued to follow the Subaru.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact the Wooster Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol at 330-264-0575. You can ask for Lieutenant Norman or Trooper James Donohue.

Update: The Ohio State Highway Patrol has provided two photos of the vehicles involved. For some reason they provided images aren’t very large, but I have increased the size a bit. Here is the Subaru which hit the buggy:

And the vehicle which was following behind it that authorities seem to think was also involved:


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    1. Pat Monti

      Ohio Police Seeking Hit and Run Driver In Crash

      Hopefully they’ll find the individual soon; better yet they turn themselves in. I’ll never understand how anyone could leave the scene of an accident; especially one that they caused.

    2. T.Ruth

      Amish accident

      We had something similar in central WI., last yr. The driver turned himself in, a wk. later. He was a local man and said he fell asleep at the wheel(this was at 10:00 AM. 🙁 The Amish man did go to the hospital sadly, and the horse was put down…