Lancaster visit; Ohio Nebraska Amish


Just checking in having returned from Poland–feet planted firmly in the good old USA and enjoying the wonders of nacho cheese and air conditioning once again.  Other than that, am finishing up the final draft of the Amish business book among other things, which I’m afraid has made for slim pickings on the blog lately.  After that is squared away am looking forward to some (more regular) posting.

And looking forward to a trip next week to Lancaster County.  More posts to come then.

In the meantime, another blurry photo I’ve attempted to salvage–this of a Nebraska Amish community located in Northeastern Ohio.

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    1. Dave Carrig
    2. Michelle V.

      Hi E –
      Went to Yoder’s today in Pinecraft for wheat bread and the pretty new farmer’s market – good stuff! Guess what ??? Yoder’s will be on the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food in Sep.(16th, i think)He(man) will challenge their almost famous fried chicken according to a employee, I love the show !!! Should be tasty viewing!!!
      Take Care,
      Michelle V.

    3. Welcome back home!

      My husband and I lived in Germany for 3 years so I know the feeling of being back on US soil. For us it was exhilarating. 🙂

      Hope you have a good week ahead!


    4. I’ll have to catch that one Michelle! I’ve actually never seen the show but I think I’ve heard about it

      Dawn, danke, you know the feeling!

    5. Dark

      I saw this on Yahoo today:

      Amish newspaper succeeds the old-fashioned way