Like Georgia, New Jersey is another one of those states that people think have or at least ought to have an Amish population. However, the Garden State does not. And not just that, I don’t believe it has ever in history had an Amish community…which is kind of surprising when you think about it being right next-door to Amish-loaded states Pennsylvania and New York.

However, there are a number of Amish/Pennsylvania Dutch markets in New Jersey. Some of these have been around for quite some time. We’ve got our own directory of New Jersey Amish markets here on the site, but a website called Jersey’s Best has put together a list of six of them. I’m quite sure whoever did that article just slightly re-wrote at least portions of my own guide – without a mention. But it happens 🙂 You can find their article here:

Pennsylvania Dutch Market near Princeton, New Jersey. I took this photo when I visited in the late 2000s

In any case it’s a good excuse to call attention to these markets again, especially since I’ve seen the Amish-in-New-Jersey topic popping up again some lately. The Jersey’s Best guide does include what I assume are updated market hours. Here’s the ones on their list. Since I did my own guide, two on that list have since closed. But I’ve updated it with three new ones which I add below – for a total of nine Amish market/food locations in New Jersey (there may be more):

Columbus Farmers Market
2919 Route 206, Columbus

Dutch Country Farmer’s Market
19 Commerce St., Flemington

Greater Bridgeton Amish Market
2 Cassidy Court, Bridgeton

Mullica Hill Amish Market
108 Swedesboro Road, Mullica Hill

Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market
4437 Route 27, Princeton

Williamstown Farmers Market
701 North Blackhorse Pike, Williamstown

In addition to these, here are three missing from the Jersey’s Best article:

Covered Wagon Amish Farmer’s Market
101 NJ-70
Medford, NJ 08055
A small but highly-reviewed market east of Philadelphia.

Berlin Farmer’s Market
41 Clementon Rd, Berlin, NJ 08009
Home of the Country Hill Amish Bakery featuring cakes, breads, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, rice cakes, chicken & beef pot pies, and more.

Trenton Farmers’ Market
960 Spruce St
Lawrence Township, NJ 08648
Amish-run King Foods “comfort food” establishment offers breakfast sandwiches, fried chicken, ribs, and more.

These places are typically open three days per week – Thursday, Friday, Saturday – though some might be open only two. As with any Amish business, don’t expect to find anyone Amish there on Sunday. So if you’re in Jersey, even though you don’t have Amish there full-time, you can at least visit an Amish vendor without having to leave the state.

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