Nick Copernicus, Polish Mennonites, and an Entrepreneur magazine Amish business article

I spent the day yesterday in Torun, home of Polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus.  Poles come out strong for their national heroes and even after 500 years there is definitely a lot of local pride for this medieval mold-breaker, with statues, museums, and the university named for the famed herald of heliocentrism.  Torun, I have to add, is a gem of a town, and I was excited to make a return visit after my first trip to attend a friend’s wedding there exactly one year ago.   Stunning fall colors only added to the charm.

The Polish lands were once home to a contingent of Mennonites (as well as Amish) and the region not far from Torun as it happens was where a good chunk of Mennonites settled.

Also, looks like I’ve been spotted lurking in this month’s (Nov 2009) Entrepreneur magazine commenting on Amish business.  Have not had a chance to read the article yet (just checked one of the Warsaw English-language newstands and they’re still on the October issue) but heard it through the grapevine that it’s a nice one, written by Geoff Williams.  I contributed last year to another interesting piece Geoff did on the Amish and credit cards.  I should be getting ahold of a copy soon, but if anybody else has had a chance to read the Entrepreneur piece, give a holler and let know how it turned out.

And finally: brother Alex is visiting Abe and co. in Lancaster County this weekend.  When he gets back Monday will try to find out if anything reminiscent of this happened.  Though I guess tomato season is about over by now.

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