My Friend Ben Explains Amish Auctions (Video)

I had a blast doing this Q & A with my friend Ben while in Lancaster County last month. We recorded this while driving to a local horse auction. Ben explains the appeal of Amish auctions and answers some of my questions. He also shares a funny anecdote and we have some laughs. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did recording it. Runtime: 6:15.

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    1. Jerry

      I Love Auctions

      I’ve been to Mel’s more than few dozen times. The horse auctions are mostly Amish but the others are as diverse as the United Nations. Buyers are there suppling slaughter houses/meat packers from all over the Mid Atlantic States.

    2. Wally


      Thanks for the informative video on buggy and draft horses. I notice that an Amishman will hook up his horse to a buggy to run an errand like going to the bank. This seems to be a lot of work when he could simply climb on a horse and ride, like a cowboy, to the bank. Why do they not ride a horse instead of using a buggy when there is only one person and nothing to carry?


      1. Good question, I covered it in greater depth in a couple posts but it’s just not customary for adults, at least part of the explanation may have to do with horseback riding bordering on a sporting-type activity. That said you do see Amish on horseback from time to time. Don Burke has a photo of an Amishman in Michigan on horseback, I might have it up around here somewhere.

    3. Familiar voice?

      I love the friendly interaction between Englischers and Amish folks, both real life like you with Ben and in Amish fiction. This very friendly and informative voice of your friend Ben sounds just like that of Donald Kraybill’s friend Ben in his podcast What I Learned from the Amish. He seems like someone it would be fun to learn from.

    4. Emily

      Very interesting

      Thank you for this interesting video! Please thank Ben for us. I especially enjoyed his comment about not enjoying auctions himself, but going because his son was a bid spotter. Showing support for a child is a wonderful thing.

      1. Glad you liked it, I will pass on the thanks. Ben always shoots straight and gives his true opinion on things which I appreciate!