My Amish Travel Schedule (Nov-Dec 2019)

So I’ll be visiting various Amish communities over the next several weeks, starting tomorrow in Florida. Expect to see some posts from these places in the coming days.

I’ve been to all of these at least once, except for the NC community.

Linked posts from the last time I was in each settlement below.

If you’ll be in any of these places too, let me know!

Nov. 19: Pinecraft, FL (Autumn 2013)

Nov. 23: Shelby, NC (the upcoming Ellenboro Amish auction)

Nov. 26-27: Holmes County, OH (December 2018)

Nov. 30: Halifax County, VA (June 2019)

Dec 1-3: Lancaster County, PA (June 2019)

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    1. George Cofield

      Halifax, Va. Visit

      I have a cabin and camp close to the Amish in Halifax, Va. area (Triangle Hunting Creek Area).
      Going out there practically every other weekend, we have gotten to know the Amish in Halifax and the surrounding areas.

      Place I suggest you visit

      Halifax, Va.

      Hollering Hill Auction LLC-Every Thursday at 4:00. The Kitchen opens at 10:00 I believe

      The dry goods store (in downtown triangle on Hunting Creek Road). The local Amish bishop (Daniel Coblentz)and his wife run it.

      Joe Yoder (has a shed building business in Triange-Next to the Amish School

      Kings Store (on Hunting Creek Road)

      The Harness Maker (on Clarkton Road)

      Have a good trip.

    2. Renae Calhoun

      NC Amish Auction

      Hi. I am the driver for the Amish community in Ellenboro/Shelby, NC. They are wonderful friends of mine! I will be at the auction on Nov. 23rd also. Perhaps we will cross paths!

      1. That would be great! If it’s chilly, I’ll probably be wearing a yellow-orange colored woolie hat 🙂

    3. George Cofield

      Halifax, Va. Amish

      You may want also want to visit the ones around Cullen, Va. I believe they are old order and came out of Maryland.

      John and Lydia Eshe run a stand on Germantown road. Her bake goods are wonderful. They also sell pickled eggs, handmade cedar boxes etc.

      There is also a Mennonite restaurant and bakery called Rosie’s Cozy Kitchen in Gladys, Va.

      Both of these places are close together and on your way out of town after visiting Halifax

      Have a safe trip.

      1. Great tips, thanks George! I actually stopped in at Rosie’s Cozy Kitchen last year. A nice surprise on my drive in.

    4. Richard Holmes

      Visiting Lancaster County, Penna.

      When you visit Lancaster County, Penna. be sure to pickup a copy of the free 2020 Lancaster County Business Directory.

      It is about an inch thick.

      A friend of mine who just returned from Lancaster, Penna. area brought me a copy of the directory.

      I have just begun to look at the directory.

      If needed, I can ask my friend if he remembers the name of the store where he obtained the directory.

      Otherwise, enjoy your time spent spent with the Amish folk.

      1. Thank you Richard. I often pick that guide up. It’s interesting to browse through. It is also available online, but I prefer the paper version, so good to know that the 2020 edition is out. Thanks!

    5. Shelby?

      Been to the one up by Hickory NC. Never knew about Shelby. 😉

      1. The auction is actually in Shelby, I think the community is closer to Ellenboro. I will find out 😉 It’s been there about 5 years.

    6. Don Shenk

      Ancaster County

      Hi Eric,

      If you are fortunate, the area will be covered with a beautiful snowfall when you visit the area. Lancaster County is gorgeous following a snowfall! I have lived in Lancaster all my life and have been capturing images of the area for over 50 years. Many of my favorites are snow scenes.

      I had a dream come true earlier this year when Schiffer Books published two books of my images of the area – “Seasons of Lancaster County, home of the world’s largest Amish community” and “Lancaster County, a Keepsake.” I believe you and your readers would really enjoy these publications.


      1. Great to hear about those Don. I’d like to hear more, maybe you could shoot me an email? ewesner(at)gmail(dot)com

    7. Kathy Beckner

      travel schedule

      Hi Eric,

      Always enjoys your posts. I live in Virginia and have visited some of the Amish businesses you have mentioned in previous posts. Just wondering if you have visited the Amish communities in the Buckingham County/Farmville area?

      1. Kathy, thank you. Great to hear you visited some of those businesses – just curious, would one of them happen to be King’s Kountry Store in Halifax Co?

        I actually visited the Farmville area for the first time this summer – met the owner of a bulk food store and did a post on the place:

        Really nice guy and a nice business.

    8. Randy A.

      Holmes Co

      I’m looking forward to your report on Holmes County. I live in Stark County and see local Amish often, especially at Wal-Mart.

      1. There always seems to be something interesting going on in Holmes County. I’d also like to visit the nearby Lodi Amish community if time permits. Wal-Mart is a hit with many Amish, they also visit the one in Millersburg in Holmes County and New Philadelphia in Tuscarawas County. Just curious which Wal-Mart that is in Stark County?

    9. L. Marie K.

      Comment on Travel Schedule Conawango Valley is the place to go!

      I don’t see Conawango Valley, NY on your list of destinations, and it’s a wonderful place to visit. The Toy Shop on Pope Road is absolutely the most enjoyable store to visit…The Iron Shop just down the hill from the Toy Shop is full of practical and whimsical products of all kinds…The N&E Harness Shop and Variety Store on Northeast Road are owned by the Shetlers and are a cojoined delight…There are many quilt and furniture shops, baked goods, a shoe store, blacksmiths, farm machinery vendors, leather shops, Malinda’s Fudge, as well as a watch repair shop and a clock repair shop. One of the best places to visit is The Poor Man’s Fixit Shop–I am smiling just to think of it.

      Please don’t leave this wonderful community off your list.

      1. Nice that you mentioned Conewango Valley. This is the New York community that I most want to visit. I am actually tempted to try to squeeze it into this trip, though it might not be possible. We had a nice guest post some years ago on the toy shop I believe you are talking about: