2019 Mud Sale Schedule – Lancaster County PA

The mud sales are coming! The first of the year is about six weeks away. Are you going this year? Below we have the 2019 schedule with 21 sales listed throughout Lancaster County (plus one in neighboring York County).

If you’re not aware of mud sales, they are the place to go to buy farm equipment, quilts, furniture, tools, dishware, buggies, and lots of other things, and to join lots of Amish folks enjoying themselves. The sales were started about 50+ years ago, and the proceeds go to benefit local volunteer fire companies, which have significant numbers of Amish and Mennonite volunteers.

BBQ at the Bart Township Fire Company Mud Sale, 2016. Photo by Ed

The mud sale name comes from the condition of farmers’ fields during the spring thaw, a time when many of the sales are held.

Here’s John Stoltzfus of Strasburg Fire Company explaining how the sales work. People bring items for sale and the fire companies get a commission from each sale. Proceeds from mud sales typically account for around one-third of a fire company’s annual budget:

Their name notwithstanding, several mud sales are held in relatively un-muddy winter, some in summer, and even one or two in autumn. So if you go, don’t be disappointed if you happen to return with clean shoes.

Here are some reader photos from previous sales:

Bart Township

Lancaster County Mud Sales – 2019 Schedule

Here’s the mud sale schedule for 2019 in Lancaster County (as well as the Airville sale in York County). You’ll notice a few of these don’t have specific dates yet, just the month given, but we’ll plan to update when we learn more.

February 23, 2019
Strasburg Spring Consignment & Mud Sale
Strasburg Fire Company
203 Franklin Street, Strasburg, PA 17572

March 2, 2019
Bart Township Auction & Mud Sale
Bart Township Fire Company
11 Furnace Road, Quarryville, PA 17566

March 9, 2019
Gordonville Spring Mud Sale & Auction
Gordonville Fire Company
Old Leacock Road, Gordonville, PA 17566

March 16, 2019
Penryn Volunteer Fire Company Sale
Penryn Volunteer Fire Company
1441 North Penryn Road, Manheim, PA 17545

Mud sales support Lancaster County volunteer fire companies, which have significant Amish and Mennonite membership. Photo by Ed

March 16, 2019
Airville Volunteer Fire Company Mud Sale
Airville Volunteer Fire Company
3576 Delta Road, Airville, PA 17602

March 16, 2019
West Earl Fire Company Quilt & Consignment Auction
West Earl Fire Company
14 School Lane Avenue, Brownstown, PA 17508

March 21, 2019
Farmersville Mud Sale
Farmersville Volunteer Fire Company
74 East Farmersville Road, Ephrata, PA 17522

March 23, 2019
Gap Fire Company Mud Sale & Auction
Gap Fire Company
802 Pequea Avenue, Gap, PA 17527

April 6, 2019
Robert Fulton Sale
Robert Fulton Volunteer Fire Company
2271 Robert Fulton Highway (Routes 272 & 222), Peach Bottom, PA 17563

April 13, 2019
Rawlinsville Mud Sale
Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Company
33 Martic Heights Drive, Holtwood, PA 17532

April 20, 2019
Schoeneck Fire Company Mud Sales
Schoeneck Fire Company
125 N. King Street, Denver, PA 17517

The community at Gratz, PA (Dauphin County) also holds fire company benefit sales (info on this year not yet available). This photo of quilts is from the 2015 Gratz sale. Credit: reader Jerry

May 2019
Fivepointville Auction
Fivepointville Fire Company
1087 Dry Tavern Road, Denver, PA 17517

May 11, 2019
Honey Brook Quilt Sale & Consignment Auction
Honey Brook Fire Company
Romano 4H Center, 1841 Horseshoe Pike, Honey Brook, PA 19344

May 18, 2019
Weaverland Valley Mud Sale
Weaverland Valley Fire Company
Terre Hill Community Park, 210 Lancaster Avenue, Terre Hill, PA 17528

June 2019
Kinzer Fire Company Mud Sale
Kinzer Volunteer Fire Company
3521 Lincoln Highway East (Route 30), Kinzer, PA

June 22, 2019
Refton Fire Company Mud Sale
Refton Volunteer Fire Company
99 Church Street, Refton, PA 17568

June 27 & 28, 2019
Lancaster County Carriage & Antique Auction
Bird-in-Hand Volunteer Fire Company
313 Enterprise Drive, Bird in Hand, PA 17505

August 10, 2019
Gap Relief Auction
Solanco Fairgrounds
172 South Lime Street, Quarryville, PA 17566

August 17, 2019
Intercourse Fire Company Consignment Auction
Intercourse Fire Company
10 North Hollander Road, Intercourse, PA 17534

August 24, 2019
Bareville Fire Company Consignment Auction
Bareville Volunteer Fire Company
211 East Main Street, Leola, PA 17540

September 2019
Gordonville Fall Mud Sale & Auction
Gordonville Fire Company
Old Leacock Road, Gordonville, PA 17566

October 26, 2019
Cochranville Fire Company Mud Sale
Cochranville Volunteer Fire Company
3135 Limestone Road Cochranville, PA

List source: discoverlancaster.com

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    1. Sandra KO


      Thanks for posting this — will save for future reference. Have a good day!

      1. Glad if it comes in handy Sandra. I try to get the new schedule up every year right around this time so people can get it on their radars.

    2. Dave B

      Mud sales

      Thank you, we look for this every year. Can’t wait to get going

    3. Linda Lambeth

      school house sales

      Could you do a similar story with locations and dates for school house sales in Minnesota, Iowa (we have been to the one in Hazleton), Wisconson and Missouri. Thanks in advance.

    4. Tony Todd

      Refton Community fire Co captain

      The date of the Refton mud sale is June 29 not June 22.

      1. Thanks Todd, so do you guys at Refton have a Facebook page or other public source with the up-to-date info that we could let people know about? It looks like the June 22 date got out and is listed on at least a couple other sites. This is where I sourced it from: https://www.discoverlancaster.com/towns-and-heritage/amish-country/amish-mud-sales.asp

        1. Tony Todd


          We have both a Facebook page refton fire company 59. Website is refton59fire.com. the sale also has a Facebook page refton 59 benefit sale which will start being updated with this years information soon

          1. Tony, your website says the sale is June 19, you are saying June 29…and the other sites say June 22. So, I’m a bit confused:)

            Posted in: Recent Incidents
            22nd Annual Mud Sale – Jun 19, 2018 – 10:09:45 PM
            22nd Annual Mud Sale
            [

    5. Pamela Van der Laan

      Mud Sale

      I just opened a new Farmers Market in Morgantown Pa and would like information of how we can host a mud sale outside and inside our new Market.

      This is the Facebook page of the market if you want to check us out.
      I can be reached at 484-769-9109
      Pamela Van der laan