The Amish in Minnesota: 2024 Guide (23 Communities)

Minnesota‘s 23 Amish settlements are clustered in two general regions: the southeast corner of the state, and the central-northwest. Amish first settled in the North Star State in the late 1800s, forming two short-lived communities. Like other Midwestern states, Minnesota has steadily attracted new Amish settlement over the past several decades. As of 2024, over 5,000 Amish live in Minnesota.

Since 2007, Fertile, Minnesota (Norman County) has been home to a small Amish settlement.

Minnesota Amish Communities:

  • Harmony – The Harmony/Canton area of Fillmore County is home to Minnesota’s largest Amish settlement, with six church districts and over 700 people. Two more Amish communities are found in Fillmore County
  • Todd County – Five separate Amish settlements are found in Todd County in central Minnesota
  • Other MN Amish communities – Wadena, the oldest Minnesota Amish community, was founded in 1972. Other settlements can be found in Winona County, Mille Lacs County, Otter Tail County, and others. Amish live in nearly two dozen distinct locations in the state.


The Harmony Amish community (are of Harmony and Canton) was founded by Swartzentruber Amish from Wayne County, Ohio, who began settling in this corner of Fillmore County in 1974. Like other Swartzentruber Amish, this conservative group uses only limited technology in their homes, businesses, and buggies.

amish minnesota
Buggy traffic on a stretch of road near Harmony, Minnesota.  No turn signals

The Amish of Harmony make a living by farming, working construction jobs, and like Swartzentruber counterparts in the Ethridge, Tennessee Amish settlement, various communities Ohio, and numerous other states, by operating low-tech businesses. Basket, furniture, and quilt-making are popular here. Jams, rugs, quilts, baked goods, and cashew crunch are among the items available for sale at local Amish homes.

The Harmony Amish community is the largest in Minnesota, at six church districts, and currently the third-oldest settlement in the state. However, this settlement has seen a decline in size over the past decade-plus (in 2010, the community numbered over 1,000 Amish; representing a loss of around 300 people).

As in other sizeable settlements, a small tourism industry has developed here. In addition to the businesses the Amish themselves run, visitors to the area are catered to by tour companies which visit Amish farms and merchants and provide information on the community and Amish way of life.

Another Fillmore County settlement is found not far from Harmony, at Granger in the southern end of the county. Granger’s southern border is formed by the Minnesota-Iowa state line; its “twin village” of Florenceville, Iowa lying just across the line.

The Amish settlement here actually spills over the state line, with families living on the Iowa side of the border. At over 400 people, the Granger settlement is one of the larger communities in the state. A third settlement was founded in the county in 2019 at Spring Valley.

Fillmore County Road 1 has seen multiple buggy accidents in recent years.

Notably, several Amish families in Fillmore County have been involved in a widely-publicized dispute over “graywater” disposal, which in 2021 made it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Todd County

It’s not unusual to find one area being home to a large number of separate Amish groups. Amish belonging to different affiliations – either more conservative or more liberal – are nonetheless attracted to settle in areas where other Amish already live.

They may be attracted to a given locale for similar reasons – low land prices, or absence of tourism, for instance. Amish moving to an area where Amish already live know that locals are likely to be used to the presence of Amish. Close contact with other Amish groups, even those more progressive or conservative, can help ease the move to a new area, with new arrivals benefiting from advice or by patronizing established businesses, such as buggy makers or plain clothing retailers.

minnesota amish home
A conservative Amish home in Minnesota

Examples of areas where multiple groups have settled include the Amish communities of Clark County, Wisconsin, and the heavily-Amish Mohawk Valley in New York. Todd County in central Minnesota is another such place, today home to five separate Amish settlements.

The first Amish arrived in Todd County in 1973, settling near the village of Bertha. In 1995, another settlement was established at Long Prairie, with a further two communities arising in the early 2000s, at Clarissa/ Browerville, and another near Bertha. Amish continued to arrive in Todd County, with the most recent settlement established at Eagle Bend in 2007.

In 2005, a rare polio outbreak occurred among Amish at the Long Prairie settlement, bringing attention to the reluctance of some Amish to undergo vaccination. Today, Todd County has the largest Amish population of any Minnesota county, and is home to around 1,500 Amish people.

Other Minnesota Amish communities

In addition to the above, a number of other noteworthy settlements exist in the North Star State. The oldest Minnesota Amish community, near Wadena in Wadena County, was founded in 1972, and is home to two Amish churches today. The second-largest settlement in the state lies in Winona County in the area of Utica and St. Charles. Founded in 1975, over 600 Amish live there today.

amish market minnesota
A massive sign advertises an Amish market near St. Charles, Minnesota

Mille Lacs County is home to three separate Amish communities, established since 2012. Other Amish communities can be found in the following places:

  • Becker County (Frazee)
  • Clearwater County (Clearbrook-Gonvick)
  • Kanabec County (Mora)
  • Mahnomen County (Lengby)
  • Morrison County (Pierz)
  • Norman County (Fertile)
  • Pine County (Hinckley)
  • Polk County (Fosston)

Historical Minnesota settlements

A pair of Amish settlements existed in Minnesota around the turn of the century. These two communities were both located in the southwestern corner of the state, in Nobles and Jackson Counties. The first settlement was established near Wilmont in Nobles County, by settlers from Waterloo County in Ontario. Settlers bore surnames less-common in Amish society today, including Jantzi, Gascho, Kennel, Kropf, Iutzi, and Gerber. Some of these names are still seen in Canadian Amish communities, however.

Amish settlers did carpentry work and raised crops including corn, wheat, oats, barley, hay, and potatoes.  Eventually, this settlement failed, as Amish historian David Luthy explains, due to a mixture of affiliations within the group.  The Wilmont community, according to Luthy, “was traditional enough to fellowship with some Old Order Amish but had historic and family connections with the meetinghouse groups in Ontario and received an occasional visiting minister from there.” (Settlements that Failed, Luthy p. 213).  The “dual nature” of this community – Old Order Amish, and Amish-Mennonite – led to its eventual total disbandment in 1910.

minnesota amish harmony
Minnesota’s Amish live in one of the harshest climate zones in America

A second Amish community followed shortly after the Wilmont community was founded.  A land agent succeeded in attracting Amish settlers, mainly from the Arthur, Illinois Amish settlement, to Jackson County in 1894.  Amish in this area primarily farmed wheat, which they were able to transport to market thanks to Jackson County’s good train connections.  Fishing in the county’s lakes, sometimes with pitchforks, and sometimes by simply cutting out fish caught in the thick winter ice, was a popular way of supplementing food.

Another popular pastime, Luthy notes,  was exaggerating the severity of the Minnesota winters in the Sugarcreek Budget.  As one writer put it: “I can’t give a record as to how cold it is outdoors, as it was so cold that the thermometers flew all to pieces, except one man was lucky enough to have his thermometer in the house hanging behind the stove in the sitting room, and he said it was 48 below zero.”  This community eventually went extinct for unknown reasons, with the last family moving away seven years after it was founded, in 1901 (see The Amish in America: Settlements that Failed 1840-1960, David Luthy, pp. 210-218)

Minnesota Amish population growing steadily

Like most other Amish settlements in the upper Midwest, the Minnesota Amish communities are remote from large population centers. This distance, and the correspondingly cheaper farmland, has continued to steadily attract Amish settlers over the past few decades.

harmony amish
The conservative Amish at Harmony, Minnesota do not use the slow moving vehicle triangle

Since 2010, Amish have added a net of nine new settlements and roughly 2,000 Amish people. With the large amount of sparsely-populated land available, Amish growth in the state is likely to continue. However, they have also lost some population, notably at the Harmony settlement, which remains the state’s largest, but not by much.

For further information, see:

Photo credits: buggy crossroads-Jenni Ripley; hay stacks-Ellen MacDonald; Amish buggies-Jenni Ripley; Amish home-Alan Levine; Amish market-Matt Zaske; buggy in snow-Ellen MacDonald

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    1. Hilarian Brey

      Fall Amish consignment auction

      Can anyone tell me the exact date for the Amish consignment auction near St. Charles, MN again this fall? I think it is on Saturday, Aug 30, 2014 but am not for sure.
      We really enjoy them.

    2. Anonymous

      Not real sure, however, they are located a short distance from the Mayo Clinic. so, why not just website to the St Charles City Hall for example. obviously, those people will have the info that you’re looking for.

    3. carl


      We would like to visit your area, are you close to the mayo clinic?We will be coming from Minneapolis.

      1. Anonymous

        St Charles. MN Obviously will have their own website for local Amish Information, that people asking were looking for. I’ve had tours. and its a wonderful and warm community.

        My advise is to go by Private Car, the tour driver will drive for you.
        . Do NOT and I mean, do NOT take pictures of Amish people or any pictures of their houses and barns. however, the tour driver will give you more instructions. .

      2. Anonymous

        Amish & Mayo Clinic

        Yes: The Amish Communtues is: 2.5 hours from St. Paul, being the Capitol.
        The Mall of America is located in Bloomington.

        Just go directly to the website.
        There are private tours fro Rochester or drive directly to the Amish Tours.
        Amish People have Prohibited Cameras. So just respect their custom.
        By Touriest getting carried away with:
        makes all English not obeying the Amish Custom & they have personal options.

        Eric. Wound you agree to my point?

    4. Erin

      Haystack Supper & Bake Sale

      AMISH BENEFIT Haystack Supper & Bake Sale! Fri., Sept. 12, 4-8 p.m. Borgholm Town Hall 1/2 Mile South of Bock, MN on CR. 1.

    5. Erin

    6. Willy Moss

      Antique Treadle Sewing Machines

      I am Dr. Willy the sewing machine man. I have a few treadle machines I would
      like to sell, prices are reasonable. I operate Dr. Willy’s Sewing and Sharpening
      in Crystal,MN 55422 # 763-710-7403 I have completely refurbished the machines. Two Singers,and one Minnesota brand. The cabinet for the Minnesota needs some work.Both Singer cabinets have been refinished. I just don’t have
      room for them in my shop.Please let me know if interested.
      Thank you
      Dr. Willy

    7. tjk

      Why no Amish in ND?

      With many Amish living in MN and some close to the ND border, it is interesting that we do not have any Amish in our state. There are many farms and pasture land for sale in the eastern part of the state. There is one county close to the MN border that has a lot of pasture land and land that is coming out of CRP in the near future. This land typically sells for much less than land that has been farmed. I think the land prices overall are very reasonable compared to other parts of the country. Maybe one day the Amish will take a good look at ND.

      1. tjk

        ND Amish

        I should note that we did have Amish in ND from 1894 until 1956 when only 3 members remained according to GAMEO.

      2. Will Amish settle in North Dakota?

        It will probably happen again someday; I’ll make a “bold” prediction and say that within the next 5 years there will be a North Dakota Old Order Amish community (an arbitrary guess based on general Amish westward migration).

        As you say the state has had an Amish presence before (at least 4 different communities) and Amish currently live and survive in similar latitudes. You’ve also got Amish in three neighboring states (Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana), so I’d bet some adventurous soul(s) will take a look at some point fairly soon and take a crack at North Dakota, assuming there’s not some factor I’m unaware of which would make ND unattractive.

        1. Sheila Jaworski

          amish clothing stores in MN?

          Eric do you know of any Amish that would be willing to make me a few dresses? i am going bonkers here trying to find some normal dresses that doesn’t show everything God gave me! oh i did speak to Mrs Hershburger but i guess she was really busy and couldnt help me with canning, and i was extremely busy this summer so wasn’t able to go to harmony and meet with her either, do you know of any Amish around the stewartville/rochester area and what sect they are from?

        2. Christina Anderson

          ND amish

          I have always assumed that ND is unfavorable due to the lack of natural water. We have several “man made” lakes but that’s about it. Much of the land that is in CRP in eastern ND doesn’t have natural water sources on or near it. We have a high water table but drinkable water is much deeper. My husbands 5 generation farmstead had many wells but none that were fit for human consumption. Also land in eastern ND is higher price as much of the land is used for beet or potatoes.

      3. Elizabeth Jean-Jordan Fleck

        I hope they stay out

        Amish = puppy mills….abusive puppy mills.

    8. Hilarian Brey

      Spring Amish consignment auction in St. Charles MN

      Is the next spring consignment amish auction in St. Charles MN on May 23rd 2015?

      1. Al in Ky

        Hilarian — A few days ago I received my annual brochure from the Country Fresh Produce Auction (Amish) at St. Charles and it has listed May 23 as the date of the furniture, flowers and quilt consignment auction you asked about.

    9. Michelle Dick

      Annual and Perennial Plants near Clarissa MN

      I have heard great information about annual and perennial plants available for purchase from Amish near Clarissa MN. Can anyone tell me where the place is located and when the plant sales will begin for Spring 2015? Thank you…

      1. Kevin Happke

        Greenhouse location

        I believe it is located just south of Clarissa on county road 11 on the west side of the road their should be some signs posted there, as far as hours they are open everyday but Sunday and I would think the plants would be ready any time you would want to stop.

    10. Jess

      Becker County Amish


      I am so thrilled to have Amish neighbors and slowly building up some kind of a relationship with them. I was speaking with one of the oldest sons today next door and it occurred to me to ask him what kind of Amish he was, but that seemed like it might be rude….? Does anyone know what kind of settlement is in Becker county? Or how I could find out? We have recently been house hunting for my brother in the area and discovered many Amish in our area. My neighbor said they have now about 30 families in our 15 mile radius alone.

      1. I don’t know this community, but you might ask which other communities they are back and forth with, or where they originally came from, or where else they have family.

        From that you might be able to get a sense of which affiliation they are, combined with any observations on their material level – do they use the SMV triangle? Outhouses? Phone shanty? What do the business signs look like–are they professionally made or mostly hand-written signs? There is a list of 40+ Amish affiliations included in the book The Amish which also might be helpful:

        1. Jess

          They do use a SMV triangle and the signs I’ve seen for their businesses, are homemade. I believe they moved here from southern Iowa, though I’d have to confirm that with my husband who has spoken to them more about that. I will definitely check out that book, thanks Erik 🙂

      2. Jonathan Edwards


        There are two “Hillsboro (WI)”-style districts in northwest Minnesota (one actually has a Swartzentruber background but has adjusted to the Hillsboro Ordnung) but I think they are north of Becker County. The only settlement I recognize is Frazee. They are fairly traditional Andy Weavers. They fall somewhere between the Fredericktown (OH) [Andy Weaver/Dan] and Kenton flavors. Oh, and the Hillsboro people pulled out of northern Indiana back in the 1970s and 1980s, so they allow more material things than most Andy Weavers (who pulled away from the largest Amish groups in the 1950s), but are still much plainer than the mainstream Amish. With all of this said, the Becker County folks — like most Amish people — probably know where they fit without understanding the nuances of their religious identity or the history that led to development of these varying practices and identities.

    11. Kirsten H

      In need of help!

      I’m writing to you out of sheer desperation. I was wondering if you had ever heard of any of the Amish people taking in a troubled & challenging young adult, to help give her some core values and ethics, but not necessarily to join the Amish?
      Here’s my dilemma:
      My daughter who will be 18 In Aug. and has had emotional/behavioral issues her whole life. I’ve taken her to numerous specialists, treatment centers, therapists and nothing changes. She has been in the counties care for the last 2 years and they have had worse outcomes than I did. She is currently in Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Lino Lakes, MN for the simple reason that she would not follow the counties rules and had an open criminal case, so they used that to “contain” her till she’s 18 and they don’t have to deal with her any longer. Her doctors have suggested she have a guardian, but the county wants no part of it.
      I guess I just wondered if you think there might be a family that would be willing to help us??

      1. Hi Kirsten, I know you sent a similar message to me over email, just letting you know I just replied. Although as I said in that email I don’t have anything concrete on this, maybe someone else here could advise. I’m sorry to hear about this struggle.

      2. Donna

        taking in kids

        Each Amish community establishes their own rules – some are more strict than others. Here in Missouri a non-Amish “English” as we are called, can send their children to an Amish school – the children must abide by all the rules. This is with special permission.
        To take a person into their home to live with them – would require following all their rules as well….that would be rules of dress, speech, work, prayer, church, — everything!
        I’ve never heard of this being done.
        An 18 year old with emotional problems would, in my opinion, not be able to make such a drastic change! I’ve interacted with the Amish closely and have eaten in their homes and spent the night as a guest as well. It would be difficult for me to live totally as an Amish person with all the rules and dress etc for a week.
        I have, however heard of Mennonite families taking children into their homes like this – but once again, the children must follow all the rules of dress etc.

    12. Linda

      Amish Pie Making Class

      Lanesboro Local is once again taking registrations for some educational and very interesting classes.

      • Saturday, August 29, 2015, 9 a.m., Amish Pie Making

      Lanesboro Local’s Amish classes are offered on Southeastern Minnesota Amish farms.
      Class gathers at the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, Lanesboro, Minnesota, by 9 a.m., and will be transported via 14-passenger van to the Amish home. Want to have an experience of a lifetime? This is our last offering for our Amish Classes.
      To register or to just see more information go online at and search under upcoming classes!

      “Lanesboro Local offering classes in August”:


      Roadside Market Baked Goods and Baskets
      Joseph & Amanda Hershberger
      12668 US Hwy 52
      Canton, MN 55922
      Season: April through October, special orders welcome in the off-season
      Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday

    13. cheryl wilson

      Harness makers

      Would you know of any amish harness makers in MN,WI, or Iowa?


    14. Kevin Happke

      Harness maker

      Hello Cheryl, So where are you located? What are you looking to have done?
      If you would like you can call me to at 320-468-6474.


    15. Visit Amish

      I’m wondering if you could help me find some areas of Amish that sell at their farmsteads goods they make. We have toured places with our tour bus company at Long Prairie, MN. We want to tour more as it is interesting to learn about their lifestyle and the ladies on our tours but a lot of their goods. We are not interested in visiting an Amish store-only individual farmsteads. We are looking in the Parkers Prairie, Wadena etc. area. Thanks for your help.

      1. Kevin Happke

        amish in Wadena

        Hello, Give me a call at 320-468-6474 and I will tell you where you can find some Amish that sell goods.


        1. Wendy Bernardy

          Thank you, I will call. Wendy

        2. Cathy

          Hello! We are in the Long Prairie, Eagle Bend , MN area and want to buy some Amish crafts. Any suggestions? Could go as far as Wadena.

      2. Al in Ky

        Hopefully, Kevin can help you with specific Amish farms where different items are sold, but if not, I have a suggestion.
        The New American Almanac (also known as “Raber’s Almanac”) lists most Amish communities in the U.S. I looked in my copy and found the following areas in northern Minn. where there are Amish communities: Mill Lacs/Milaca, Mora, Pierz, Frazee, New York Mills, Long Prairie, Wadena and Clarissa. Further north in Minn. are Fosston, Fertile, and Clearbrook. You may want to get a copy of this almanac to find some more specific addresses in these communities, although the almanac does not list specific farms where products are sold. Also, it’s quite far from where you are, but in southeastern Minn. are the Harmony/Canton, St. Charles, and Granger settlements. I have been to these settlements many times and there are many Amish farms (especially in Harmony/Canton area) where products are sold. The Visitor’s Center in Harmony likely could be helpful with names of specific Amish farms. I haven’t been to any of the communities in northern Minn., but wish I could help you more with specifics. The number of Amish settlements in Minn. is slowly, but surely growing.

        1. WendyBenardy
    16. Anonymous

      Error; I apologies; I met possiblbity to make a day outing!

    17. Anonymous

      Error #2 2.5 Hrs drive from MPLS. to St Charles, MN excluding Burbs!

    18. Ethan

      Near Chisago County?

      What’s the nearest Amish community near Chisago County, MN (and into western WI)?

    19. J. M.


      My friend is moving from Wisconsin to Lengby, Minnesota. I’m not sure whether they’re founding an entirely new settlement or district, or moving to a pre-existing one. I think her husband has family there, so there’s already SOMETHING there… It seems to be a very harsh climate.

    20. Al in Ky

      I read in last week’s issue of The Budget (Amish/Mennonite weekly newspaper) that there is a new Amish community at Hinckley, Minnesota.

    21. Cathy hansen

      China or Curio Cabinet

      I have purchased an older piece of furniture, and from research I feel that it may be from an Amish furniture maker in Minnesota. It may date to mid century 1900’s as a guess. Under the bottom it has a roughly carved backward letter h in small case, and I’m wondering if that may be a maker’s marking.
      Would you have any information to assist me in my research? I could send a photo.
      It is a china cabinet, three sides of glass, with soldered glass at the top, 2 front paw/claw feet, and an interior light under the top with an elongated bulb, under a metal cover. The back has tiny staples, rather than nails.
      It is 60″H, 31″W, and about 16″ depth.

      Thank you!

    22. Hilarian Brey

      Spring 2018 auction at St Charles MN

      Can anyone tell us when the 2018 spring Amish auction will again be held near St Charles MN? We have always enjoyed going to it.

    23. Katherine Sitzman

      Old Barn

      I am hoping to have an old barn removed 10 miles East of North Branch MN. My uncle suggested that I have an Amish community remove the barn and take the wood to reuse. Is there anyway to contact them to eee if they would be interested in this trade?

    24. help with canning from the Amish

      is there any communities of Amish near stewartville MN? I just started canning again and want to learn to pressure cook can, and I know a ton of amish woman do canning and wanted to learn from the best, also how to make my own dresses ect. any help would be appreciated thanks!

    25. Lumber Sawmills

      We are looking to source rough sawn lumber / pallet parts. Locations in Central MN and Western Wisconsin are best for proximity.

    26. Brenda J

      Mobile Homes

      Looking for someone to take old mobile home off lake property…was told possibly Amish would be interested to recycle. Anyone in Lake Sarah (Mentor/Erskine) area?

    27. looking to relocate

      looking to relocate to mn with my horses; all info is helpful; rochester -st.paul area ???

    28. Anonymous

      Horses Transfer to St. Paul.


      I dealt that this is the sight for relocating horses.
      Furthermore, I think that the person has a hard time asking questions re:
      Therefore. It maybe passional to gove this person assistance, re: her/his question.
      I’ve got an assurance that you read my point correctly.

    29. Anonymous

      The Amish People have Strict Customs, re: their Society.

      All it takes is: Initiation. The Amish are very Interesting People.
      They make Beautiful Furniture. Which must be brought @ their farms.
      The Customer is Responsible for shipping to their homes.
      Because, they don’t have Electricity, they will accept Checks.
      And will allowed you to call UPS for pick up. Their Communication is via US Mail.
      All through, they have under circumstances contract out to a Furniture Store.
      They are also allowed to have a credit card, but photos are prohibited.
      There allowed to make special arrangement, for their non photo Identification.

      I’ve had wonderful Conversation with the Amish, while Traveling on Amtrak.
      Therefore, out of Respect, I put away my I-phone. Some will prove their Appreciation.

      It’s been made cleared that unlike spoiled rotten youngsters.
      The Amish youngsters are Strictly Prohibit from learning the Internet.

      The Amish People, Generally are prohibited from having an iPhone.
      All through. There’s been strict rules, that a flip phone is briefly permitted.
      Maining because. The Amish share phone booth is becoming dated.

      Therefore, the Amish People, are going alone the flow, for strict conditions
      Anyway. For a rap up, Eric, would you have any additional point that I made?

    30. Trina Sandeno

      Canopy Boat Cover - Custom Made

      Looking for someone to make a canopy boat cover for our Boat lift. Dimensions approx. 19′ X 109″. I have the material.

    31. Trina Sandeno

      Canopy Boat Cover - Custom Made

      I forgot to mention within 45 miles of Alexandria, MN

    32. Zomby

      Absolutely No Photos


      Would you please, give people instructions that; Photography the Amish is absolutely prohibitive. America is Camera Crazy. & won’t give others respect., whom wound just rather, comprehend to what the Amish Houses look like. The way the Amish lives is their Custom of Choose.Obviously, it’s common sense to Warn the Amish that some Drivers
      have cause Road Rages. Safety is 1st. We don’t have to agree. but let’s Respect. & then everyone e can go their separated ways. Like a lot of people Some Amish People are very Interesting, I say it’s neat to stop & chat, provided that they Invite us English. whom are usually given a Private Tour from eg: the Mayo Clinic of Minnesota. Thank you.

    33. Bertha

      What activities if any between 7/3/2019-7/8/2019

      We are visiting in Minnetrista Mn during July 3- July 8/2019 and would like to visit the Amish community. Was wondering if they would have any special events of any kind during that time period. Which Amish community is near Minnetrista?

    34. Al in Ky

      The Amish population in Minnesota is growing and the latest statistics I read stated there were 22 Amish settlements in Minn., especially in north central and southeastern Minn. The closest one to Minnetrista that I know of is the Milaca Amish settlement which is a few miles southeast of Milaca, about 70 miles north of Minnetrista. I do not know of any special activities there. I would suggest stopping at a convenient store or gas station in Milaca and ask for directions to the Amish settlement.

    35. Al in Ky

      I read in a recent issue of The Budget newspaper that there is a new Amish settlement at Spring Valley, Minn., which has five families. Spring Valley is in southeastern Minn., and I think at least some of the families have moved there from the Utica/St. Charles, Minn. settlement.

    36. Nancy

      Baked goods

      Can you give me the hrs of the bakery it’s in a white building on highway 52 and there is other white buildings next to it that ave Amish baskets

    37. ZOMBIE-NJ


      I know this store as it’s not fair fro the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN I’m never & Dealt, that’s there’s any Amish or rarely around their. & There’s no Visible of Horse/Buggy.
      Unfortunately, It’s an Tourist Trap outsource store. It’s anyones preference, to stop by.

    38. Katy

      Amish or Mennonite bulk food markets in MN?

      I love to shop at bulk food country markets but the only ones i know of are in Wisconsin. Is there one in MN? If so please let me know where. Thank you so much!

    39. Tom Sirek

      Concrete staves

      How can I get in touch with amish farmer or construction worker?

    40. Allison

      Contact to church

      Hello. I would just like to get contact numbers from a couple of Amish church in Minnesota (if would like) for Bible study. I would like to understand the Bible.
      Thank you.

    41. Katie

      Amish growers of buckwheat

      Hi, I would like to contact Amish farmers in MN (or the upper Midwest) who grow buckwheat. Thank you!

    42. Cindy Larson

      Looking for Amish made cook stoves

      Hello, I am wondering if you have any information on any Amish that build metal cook stoves.

      Combo wood stove and oven.

      Thanks in advance!


      1. Kevin Happke

        Cook Stove

        Hello, Did you ever find a cook stove? If you are still looking please contact me at…..Kevin

      2. Christina

        Cook stove

        In visiting with the Amish from NW MN, they have all ordered their cookstoves from Lehmans. The one family I visited with on Wednesday got their cook stove and water heater/canner (wood fired) from Lehmans. Hope this helps. I believe more of the metal workers with Amish are located in Indiana/Ohio/PA.

    43. james hebrew

      The blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetrating drugs market

      Advances in biotechnology have enabled the development of versatile in vitro (static and dynamic), in vivo (micro-dialysis), and in situ (brain perfusion) blood–brain barrier models, allowing more effective and safe delivery of drugs across brain capillaries

      Over time, extensive R&D efforts have resulted in the development of a number of versatile BBB penetration technologies. These technologies have been designed either to externally alter the permeability of the blood csf barrier or augment the BBB penetrating capabilities of compatible pharmacological interventions.

      Roots Analysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled, “Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Market (2nd Edition), 2020-2030: Focus on Non-Invasive Drug Delivery Technology Platforms and Therapeutics.”

    44. Bradley Haugen


      I’m 36 yrs old, single,no kids, live in southwestern Minnesota, hazel eyes, stand 6 feet tall, average build, and have Brown hair.

    45. Michael

      MN Amish

      A substantial Amish population exists in East Central Minnesota as well.

      1. Steve

        Amish in East Central Minnesota

        In a previous post someone made mention of Amish in east central Minnesota. How do I find and contact Amish carpenters, craftsman or labor near Pine County Minnesota?

    46. Erik Bute

      White Pine Logs

      I live in Cass County MN and have a bunch of white pine logs of large size if anyone would be interested in purchasing. Will need to bring equipment of load.

    47. Steve

      Amish in East Central Minnesota

      In a previous post someone made mention of Amish in east central Minnesota. How do I find and contact Amish carpenters, craftsman or labor near Pine County Minnesota?

      1. Sarah Wilson

        Pine County Amish

        There are a few families in Hinckley, east of the Casino.

        There is also a settlement near Henriette.

        1. Steve

          Pine County Amish

          Thank you for that information Sarah, it is greatly appreciated.

          I am not far from either of those locations.

          Now I guess I need to start asking around the locals of that area on how to get in touch with them. Unless, you have any suggestions?

    48. We have hired the local fire department to burn down our old farm house in Sibley County MN.

      The home has 10 year old Marvin windows.

      Please contact me if you are interested in removing the windows prior to the burn.

    49. Kelly Jean Erwin


      Hi there I would like to join the Amish.

    50. Person to Person

      I’m looking to reacquaint with John Yoder formerly of Bradford County, Pa. His Dad was Ira Yoder, a brother Jacob and he had a Cousin Melvin Yoder. John & his family of brothers with Melvin built my first hunting cabin in “Little Meadows, Pa,” on the Montrose/Owego, Tp. Road in 1985. I would very much like to hear from him. Thank you, Hank Leverence Jr.