Michigan Police Search For Driver In Hit-and-Run Buggy Accident

From the Coldwater, Michigan Daily Reporter:

Two adults and six children, between the ages of one month to 7-years-old were headed southbound 1,000 feet from 800 North, the state line with Indiana.

A black passenger car was seen heading north on the paved road when it crossed the centerline and struck the horse-drawn carriage according to MSP.

MSP said, in its press release, “the driver of the car did not stop and continued north on Hamman Road. The vehicle is believed to have sustained front end damage, including a missing headlight and side mirror. There is also damage to the front driver side tire. The accident was reported at 10:23 p.m.

This appears to be the community in California Township (Branch County), a very plain eight-church settlement of Swiss Amish origin.

branch county michigan amish farm

The accident occurred Wednesday night (May 8). No injuries were reported, either to the passengers or the horse. Also:

The horse was not injured but was scared. It ran south into Fremont. Firefighters spotted the horse and corralled it. The owner later retrieved it. There was no information on whether the buggy had lights or reflectors visible at night.

Anyone with information about the incident should call the Michigan State Police in Marshall at (269) 558-0500.

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    1. Emily

      Relieved but upset

      I’m so glad that none of the passengers nor the horse were hurt, but upset that the driver didn’t stop and make themself known. I pray that this was due to panic and that they will come forward.