Meeting The Amish Of Pinecraft (Video – Part 2)

This is part 2 of Peter Santenello’s visit to the Amish of Pinecraft (if you missed part 1, that’s here). It continues with the same uplifting feel as Peter walks around the community, meets lots of friendly Pinecrafters, and continues learning about this new-to-him people.

In this part he catches a Bocce ball game, sits down with a family with Amish roots to learn about the different Amish groups, meets more Amish from Ohio and PA, eats chicken and lemon meringue at Yoder’s, and attends a yodeling event which draws a huge crowd.

Peter comes to know that Pinecraft is not your typical Amish community, though the warm welcome he gets from Amish people is certainly not unusual in other places. Another nice video.

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    1. Richard Traunero

      Great video

      Part 2 as good as Part 1. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Makes me want to visit again. I have only been there in the off season and in winter it is clearly a bit different experience.