Manhattan’s Tourist Carriage Horses Escape To Amish Country

Just a snippet of a story, but one I found amusing. Tourist carriage horses from around Manhattan’s Central Park have been sent to Amish Country. Frank Riccobono, owner of NYC Horse Carriage Rides, explains:

In mid-March, the entire industry made a decision to put our horses on furlough, and I sent my eight horses to Lancaster County on March 19. They are on a farm, grazing and eating grass over 100 acres. They need to be exercised daily and this was the best decision for their well-being.

Here’s a photo for you. I took this shot of a buggy sign while on a day trip from Lancaster County to NYC, back in 2012. Just like one you’d see in an Amish community:

Buggies Manhattan

So at least these horses should have one familiar element in their lives while on furlough.

Also, I didn’t know this about those horses – they get a six-week “vacation” every year. Riccobono’s horses regularly go to Lancaster County. Maybe they’re catching up with old Amish horse friends right now.

Sounds like he’s eager to see them again:

I’m really missing my horses. My daily routine was to go to the stables on West 52nd Street, groom them, work my shift as a driver and spend more time with them. It’s very therapeutic. I will be going to the farm to visit them soon. But right now we are just riding out the storm.

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    1. Geo

      Horse heaven

      If you like animals you have to like this horse story. If all dogs go to heaven, maybe all horses should go to Amish country.

      1. I bet it is a vacation compared to the (normal-times) hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Though I’d imagine they’d become at least somewhat accustomed to their environment. Although, in my limited experience there, Central Park is huge and at least in areas quite peaceful.

    2. keith

      if you go to Lancaster County ,pa you can’t go a mile without seeing a horse and buggy , many of the farms are Amish or Mennonite folks

    3. Christine A Porter

      Manhattan's Tourist Carriage Horses

      So glad to see horses are being taken care of, instead of being put down. God bless you

    4. Jeanne Duffy

      Great Idea!

      Those horses are very lucky!

    5. Stephanie

      Manhattan's Tourist Carriage Horses

      I am very cheered and thankful to read this story. It is so great that you brought them to the Amish Country in Lancaster where they will be in a better environment. I know you depend on the horses to make your living in NYC but hopefully you can find another way to make a living in Lancaster Cty with the horses there. Maybe you could keep the horses with the Amish and take the horses out with a carriage for the tourists who like to go to Lancaster Amish Country. Unfortunately with all of the cars and noise in NYC it really is a stressful environment for horses and they need to have a pasture to graze in and be free instead of being in stalls all the time when not pulling carriages. Once in awhile I hear of a sad story of horses in NYC that collapse from overwork. But I am sure that you go slowly when you have them pulling carriages. I really appreciate the Amish. You sound like a caring guy and I am sure you love your horses. God Bless You. Be safe and be well.

    6. NYC carriage horses

      These horses are probably happy for the first time in their lives! Making a living at the expense of an animal’s welfare, is cruel! No, I do not eat meat!

    7. Debbie

      Much needed break.

      Sorry, but I’ve seen many stories of how bad it is for these horses in NYC. I’ve also read the Amish sell their horses to these outfits possibly unaware of the situation they put them into.

    8. June

      How wonderful for the horses. How I wish they would be as kind to put me on a Lancaster vacation. It’s beautiful country. I’m sure they are having the time of their life.
      I’m sure it’s hard not having them when you need to make a living too. Prayers things will work out for all of you. I’m a NY er but if I had a chance to escape The City and be in the country ( I’m upstate) I would totally enjoy it.