Look Inside The Graber Home (Video & Post)

Several years ago we had a look inside the home of the Graber family, featuring photos courtesy of Don Burke (check it out here). I went ahead and made a little video out of Don’s photos with some of my additional comments on this cozy home. Don originally went on a tour via an Amish Farm Tour opportunity on their property.

However, this didn’t include a lot of the home. But as Don explains:

A year later I had a special opportunity to privately take pictures throughout much of the rest of the Graber home – in their personal living areas that were not included in the normal tour.

When I walked into the kitchen it was a bit of a surprise. It was more contemporary than my preconceived idea of what would be in an Old Order Amish home. But, the Jamesport Amish do tend to be more progressive than a lot of Old Order groups.

As Don says this home is on the more progressive side and you’ll see that in various elements (note the Sudoku game and some of the decor, for example). I hope you enjoy the video, and again if you’d prefer the article with photos, check the link above. Runtime: 4:58.

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    1. Freedom Loving Annie


      I was a little surprised to see clocks that must be run by batteries. I’m sure they aren’t propane run and there were no weights such as a grandfather clock. Batteries are a form of electricity.

    2. Jeff Baker

      ash tray

      The dish with hair pins looks like an ash tray for cigarettes.