Local Fire Department: 150 Amish Buggies Expected, Be Aware

What’s bringing 150 Amish buggies out on the roads in this story? It turns out there is an Amish funeral scheduled for Saturday in the area of Depeauville, New York, and the local fire department is proactively warning motorists to be aware. Via WWNY TV:

DEPAUVILLE, New York (WWNY) – The Depauville Fire Department is asking motorists to drive extra cautiously this weekend as the Amish community holds a funeral in the area.

The department wants people to be aware of horse and buggy traffic Saturday. About 150 buggies are expected to be on the road.

The funeral is scheduled for 10 a.m. and officials say County Route 11 and County Road 54 will likely be the busiest.

“Because this is some moment for those people, we don’t need any accidents with the horse and buggies and vehicles,” said Lynn Schnauber, fire department president.

Schnauber says the community should expect buggy traffic for most of the day on Saturday, not just in the morning.

An Amish funeral can draw more attendees than even an Amish wedding. If you take 150 buggies and multiply it by an average of say 4 people, that makes around 600. More conservatively using a 3-person estimate, we have 450 people. So there are a lot of Amish folks who are going to be out and about in the area Saturday. They will be arriving at the home where the funeral is held, and then at least some will be traveling to the graveyard for burial. There will certainly be visiting before and after as well.

I liked seeing this sort of thing. We can’t know if it will actually prevent a possible accident, but at least locals who see this report will be less apt to be surprised when they come upon a long line of buggies in the area. Good job by the Depauville F.D. to help keep their Amish neighbors safe.

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