License plates on Amish buggies?

amish buggy license plate

Indiana is the only state that requires license plates on Amish buggies, though it varies by county.  From a lecture on the Amish by Goshen College professor Steven Nolt;  photo by Cindy Seigle.

Read more on Indiana Amish.

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    1. Bill

      Here in Pennsylvania,(where our elected officials are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase revenue), I’m kind of surprised license plates for buggies hasn’t been implemented. I think most Amish would readily pay the vehicle registration fee if required, though I don’t think having to display the plate on their buggies would sit well with very many of them.

    2. Bill it does seem like an untapped source of income, and I’ve always sort of wondered why only Indiana of all the states with horse-and-buggy populations requires it.

    3. Rose

      I’m suprised that all states wouldn’t require it. They are all money hungry for something one way or another!!!

    4. linda evans

      license plates on buggies?,… its rediculose,

    5. Sherry Sutherby

      I would assume the cost to implement that program would far outweigh the benefit.

      I vote no…

      If they plate a buggy, they should plate a bicycle.

    6. George

      At one time Ohio required license plates on buggies, I know since I have a couple of Ohio buggy plates.
      Shortly after the plates were issued they no longer required the plates.

    7. George

      As a follow up to my previous comment, the Ohio plates are small: 2″ x 4″ when compared to the PA plates. Though in 1974 the Pensylvania plate size was 4″ x 10″, currently 6″ x 12″, same size as on cars.
      I support license plates for buggies to notify next of kin in the event of a fatal accident.

    8. George thanks for the background on buggy plates in other states, was not aware of that.

      1. Liz Nesbitt Nesbitt

        I think they should

        My mom grew up in the Amish community in Pennsylvania Lancaster county actually and she said the amount of people, especially the young ones. Youngish like teenagers that drove buggies like they were sports cars. It might be a good idea for them to have to Have a license plate on the back of their buggy

    9. George

      Currently Indiana is the only state that has buggy plates, I erroneously stated PA had plates as well, the other State was Ohio.
      Anyone interested in what the various buggy plates from Inadiana look like, go to ebay and type: amish license plates.
      I collect license plates from cars, but since I like the Amish a lot I also bought Amish plates.
      Anyone wishing to buy an Amish plate, don’t buy one with rust…
      Plates sell starting at $8 and up. If you reside in Indiana where the Amish live you should get one a lot cheaper. Probably for a couple of dollars, they probably have some in their barns…
      For some reason I like the red painted Amish plates.

    10. Tayler Johnson

      I don’t think that the Amish should have liciense plates because it could be against there religion. It wasn’t that way in the 1800’s or any other time. My opinion is that the state’s are just trying to find a way to suck the money out of people

    11. Doug G.

      Of course they should license buggies and their wagons as well….they use the roads and bridges they should help in paying for that use….everyone else does….

    12. joe


      If I have to pay to license my puny 49 cc 200# scooter then you should have to license your much heavier steel wheeled horse buggy too, religion as an excuse doesn’t cut it with me, pay the fee like everyone else has to or stay off the public roads the rest of us PAY for!

    13. Yoder in Ohio

      Here in Ohio, we pay a fee for each buggy we use on the road, though for some reason two-wheeled pony carts are exempt. This is collected and paid to the sate every year, with part going to the county and part going to the township for road maintenance & repair. We are not required to put a license plate on our buggies (at least not yet) but ARE required to pay.